Water Purification & Filtration Systems: Installation & Repair
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Looking for a Wichita company that installs and/or repairs water purification or water treatment systems? Perhaps the installation of a whole house water filtration system, or a water filtration or purification system for your Wichita business? Well, you’ve found Wichita’s top water filtration company: sales, installation, and repair. We’re experts at both residential water softener systems sales, installation, and repair as well as commercial water filtration systems. Whatever your Wichita water purification system needs are, we can help. We are known throughout the greater Wichita, Kansas, region as THE service to call for clean, purified water for your home or business.


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About Water Purification / Filtration / Softener Systems – Installation, Service, and Repair

Water Purification & Water Softeners Wichita KSWater filtration systems come in all sizes and shapes. All with the same purpose which is to provide you and your family or Wichita business clean, purified water for bathing, doing dishes and laundry and cooking. Traditionally water filtration systems have been expensive and out of the reach of the average Kansas family or business. But not any more! We can offer you a drinking water treatment system that is not only a water purification system but also a water softener. If you’re worried about chemicals in your water such as arsenic or other carcinogens, we can help with a water purifier that can be installed in your home. If you are a business or a commercial entity and you have need for a large-scale water purification or water softener system, we can help there, too. Whatever your water purification or softener system needs are in greater Wichita, call us – today – for an estimate.

Tips and Facts about Water Purification and Water Softener Systems

Today’s consumers are worried about ‘what’s in their water,’ and understandably so. While we have good water in Wichita, in the sense that it meets federal and state standards, it doesn’t always taste great and, if you’re a business, you may need a water filtration or water softener system to bring it up to the standards you desire. Let’s face it Wichita’s Water Utilities isn’t exactly ‘user friendly!’ If you currently have or are interested in a whole house water filtration system, a water purification system install or a water softener system installation job in in Wichita or in a surrounding city such as Derby, Haysville, or Andover, we’re the place to call in central Kansas, so call us now for an estimate on a new or repair of a water treatment system!

Updated: 9/13/2017

Water Purification & Filtration Systems: Installation & Repair
Licensed, Master, and Journeyman Plumbers on Staff | All Repairs | 24/7 Emergency Service
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