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  • Expert, licensed, master and journeyman plumbers on staff
  • All repairs and installs of toilet, including ‘low flow’ toilets as required by municipal codes
  • Real 24/7 Emergency Service Available for toilet repairs in Wichita and surrounding towns
  • The “punctual” plumber – “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!”

Today’s low flush toilets generally flush pretty well compared to past models. However, consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing when you need repair or replacement of your toilet. We carry the absolute best flushing low flush toilets available today from competitive to ultra dual flush models. For toilet repairs, our trucks are stocked with repair parts to service almost any toilet made. We service Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding communities such as Derby, Haysville, etc. If you’re anywhere in central Kansas, please give us a call!

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Toilet Repairs and Installation: Common Issues

If you are tired of grabbing the plunger every time you flush your toilet after going to the bathroom, then consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Wichita for a new flush every time low flush toilet. We carry repair parts for numerous brands and have worked on and replaced toilets manufactured by all the major companies. Today’s low flush toilets are generally what’s known as “gravity” flush toilets because the weight of the water along with gravity causes the toilet to flush.

Tips and Facts about Toilets

Toilet Repair and Toilet InstallationAlong with gravity flush toilets, another option available is what’s known as a power-assist toilet. This type of toilet has a pressurized tank within the tank and when you flush the toilet, the pressurized air forces the water out of the bowl and down the drain. This type of toilet is probably the best flushing toilet available today, but because of the pressurized tank within the tank, to make repairs when needed is more complicated and costly than with a standard gravity toilet. Most all manufacturers make power-assist toilets but they all are using basically the same parts from one of two manufacturers. Another thing to consider is the availability of repair parts.

In summary, we’re known as among the best plumbers for toilet repairs or installations in Wichita as well as surrounding communitie such as Bel Aire and Goddard. The reality is that even though we’re centrally based in Wichita, we can be anywhere in the greater metro area within a matter of minutes. We even have emergency services – so please don’t delay, call us about your toilet issue now!

Updated: 7/16/2016

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