Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Line Repair and Replacement2024-06-25T18:39:27-05:00

Drain Issues

Sewer and Drain LinesDrain cleaning and clearing: We clean and clear any drains inside in your home—including kitchen sinks, dishwashers, bathroom lavatory, bathtub/shower, toilet, laundry room washing machine, floor drain and any other drain line that goes into the sanitary sewer.

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House drainage, waste and vent lines: We repair and replace all houses drain lines, vent lines or waste lines, whether they are plastic or cast iron.

Bio Ben: We offer a natural biological drain line, septic tank and grease trap maintainer that does not have harmful chemicals or additives. Bio Ben will keep systems clean and free-flowing by unleashing naturally occurring bacteria that thrive on organic waste that goes down the drain.


Sewer line cleaning: All of our trucks are equipped with powerful sewer machines that can run up to 100 ft of 3/4″ cable. These have several different cutter heads to remove those stubborn ROOTS!!

Sewer line video services: We can run a video camera down your sewer to see what is causing the problem. We can also make a DVD of it to show others. This way you know for certain what the problem is and can decide the best course of action in regards to repair or replacement. Why guess?

Sewer line locating: Do you want to put in a pool or add an addition to your home but are not sure where the sewer line is or do you simply want to know the location of it? We can help with our sewer line locator. We can come within inches and tell you the depth with our locating equipment.

Sewer line clean-outs: We can install, repair or replace sewer line clean-outs. By City of Wichita code, your main sewer must have a clean-out installed with which the line can be cleaned if it becomes stopped up.

Sewer line maintenance: Join our sewer cleaning maintenance program where we come out and perform a line cleaning and camera inspection to prevent the surprise of a system failure.

Herbicidal Naturally Based Root Killer: With a unique foaming action, the Herbicidal Naturally Based Root Killer reaches the top of the pipe where 90% of root intrusion occurs. Then, organic compounds in the formula strip away grease and grime on the roots and an EPA registered herbicide (Dichlobenil) kills the roots on contact and prevents their growth.

Sewer line replacement and repair: Tired of having your sewer cleaned out? Tired of wondering if it will stop up when you have a house full of guests? We can repair and/or replace all sewer lines.

Trenchless sewer replacement: Don’t want to have your beautiful landscaped yard all dug up? We can replace your sewer line with a lot less mess.

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