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Ben Franklin PlumberLooking for an expert local plumber near Sedgwick, Kansas? Ben Franklin is a top-rated plumbing company, servicing the greater Wichita, Kansas area including Sedgwick and surrounding towns of Wichita, Newton, Park City and El Dorado. Call to speak with one of our plumbing experts – repairs, installations, even real 24/7 emergency service. We provide both top residential plumbers and residentially related commercial plumbers and have licensed, master and journeyman plumbers on staff. Our plumbers service Sedgwick and surrounding towns of Wichita, Newton, Park City and El Dorado. They can repair and install toilets, sinks, sump pumps,water powered and battery back up sump pumps, water heaters including tankless, tank-type, hybrid and electric, water softeners and whole-house and point-of-use carbon filters, and any other plumbing related issue including sewer line repairs and installations including trenchless, sewer line clean outs and “roto rooter” repairs due to sewer pipe clogs. We also service clogged drains and showers, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, all gas line repairs and installations, hot water dispensers, antifreeze outside faucets, water line repipes and repairs, water service repairs and installations from the meter to your house, washing machine shut off valves and hoses, commercial flush valves and all general plumbing repairs. We provide reasonable estimates, and a punctuality guarantee. Contact us today for your plumbing repairs and service needs!

Expert Plumber Service for Sedgwick, Kansas

Beyond basic plumbing repairs, and 24/7 Emergency service, our plumbers can help you with any plumbing need.

  • Toilet Repair and Installation – We can help fix or install any type of toilet.
  • Water Heater Repair and Installation – If your water heater is not working, we can give you an estimate on fixing it or replacing it with a tank type, tankless, hybrid or electric.
  • Water Softener Repair and Installation – Kansas is known for hard water, and we can advise you on water softeners of all brands plus whole house and point of use carbon water filters.
  • Sump Pump Repair and Installation – If your basement is damp, or your sump pump is not working, our expert plumbers can help repair or replace your sump pump plus we install and service water powered and battery back up sump pumps. We even offer 24/7 sump pump repair throughout the Sedgwick, Kansas, area.
  • Sewer Line Repairs – Your sewer line is often your responsibility. Our plumbers can repair your sewer line, as required by Sedgwick codes. The brand name might be “Roto rooter” but we provide top quality sewer line rooting and repair.
  • Disposal Repair and Install – If your sink disposal is not working, we can help.

Sedgwick, Kansas: History and Fun Facts

Sedgwick City, the oldest town in the county, is located ten miles southwest of Newton, on the Caldwell branch of the A. T. & S. F. Railroad, and is the initial point of the St. Louis & San Francisco road in Harvey County. Located as it is, on the Little Arkansas River, and its remoteness from other competing points, it has a large scope of country from which to draw trade. It is now the second city in the county, both in point of population and business.

For the names of the first settlers in Sedgwick and vicinity, and the early events that transpired, we would refer the reader to the pages on which may be found the general county history. Sedgwick City was laid off in June, 1870, by the Sedgwick town Company, T. Floyd, president. The original town site, which consisted of eighty acres, was laid off by John Corgan, in the interests of T. S. Floyd. the first store in Sedgwick, if not in the county, was erected and opened by William H. McOwen, in July of the same year. Judge R. W. P. Muse, his first customer, purchased the first goods sold in the county. The postoffice was established in the summer of the same year, T. S. Floyd Postmaster. After officiating eighteen months he was succeeded by O. Y. Hart, who remained in office until August, 1872, when C. H. Goodell, the present Postmaster, received his appointment. The money order department of this office was established in July, 1877.


Famous Sedgwick People & Fun Facts: In 1990 Kansas wheat farmers produced enough wheat to make 33 billion loaves of bread, or enough to provide each person on earth with 6 loaves. Charles Curtis, US vice president, Bob Dole, US senator, and Actor Jack Colvin all hail from Sedgwick, KS.

Sedgwick, Kansas: Ben Franklin Plumbing
Licensed, Master, and Journeyman Plumbers on Staff | All Repairs | 24/7 Emergency Service
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