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We’re Wichita’s favorite plumber, with the consumer reviews to prove it. In fact, we’ve been voted the best plumber in Wichita since 2011 by Wichita Eagle readers. So, if you’re looking for plumbing services such as plumbing repairs, water heater repairs or installation, toilet repairs or other types of common plumbing jobs for your home or business, we can help. Use this page to learn more about our more specialized services such as sump pumps, sewer lines, or even gas line repairs or installations. We even are specialists in water treatment systems for homes or businesses!

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Sump pumps: Super-quiet, heavy-duty cast iron submersible sump pumps and competitive grade pedestal sump pumps are stocked on all trucks. Are you tired of hearing that “thump, thump” when your sump pump shuts off? All our pumps come with a silent check valve to reduce that sound.

Battery powered back-up sump pumps: We also install a battery back-up system that pumps 2400 GPH and runs on electricity when it is available and only kicks to the battery when you lose electrical power to the house.

Water powered back-up sump pumps: We install water powered pumps that require no electricity or battery and pump up to 1800 GPH—their only power source is the city water supply. Ben Franklin Plumbing has been installing these pumps since the early 80s, that’s over 25 years experience.

Sewer pumps: We install super-quiet, heavy-duty cast iron pumps and keep them stocked on every truck.

Pump alarm systems: We can install an alarm system to any pump that will sound off when your pump stops working.


Water heaters: We install conventional tank-type water heaters in natural gas, propane or electric and all sizes and offer guarantees up to a LIFETIME which means no more inflation to worry about. We work on and install all makes and models of water heaters.

Tankless water heaters: We install whole-house and point-of-use tankless water heaters in natural gas, propane or electric. You can save up to 50% over the cost of conventional tank-type water heaters, plus they hang on the wall—freeing up valuable floor space. Take a 24 hour shower if you so desire—you will never run out of hot water again. Tankless heaters have a design life of 20–30 years. Go Green!

Hot water circulating pumps and recirculating systems: If it takes a long time for you to get hot water to a faucet(s) in your house, don’t waste any more water—get a hot water recalculating systems which will solve this problem.

Hot water dispensers: We install and replace hot water dispensers. These are generally installed on your kitchen sink and they provide instant water up to 190 degrees which means no need to wait for water to boil for hot tea, instant coffee or hot chocolate.


Drain cleaning and clearing: We clean and clear any drains inside in your home—including kitchen sinks, dishwashers, bathroom lavatory, bathtub/shower, toilet, laundry room washing machine, floor drain and any other drain line that goes into the sanitary sewer.

House drainage, waste and vent lines: We repair and replace all houses drain lines, vent lines or waste lines, whether they are plastic or cast iron.

Bio Ben: We offer a natural biological drain line, septic tank and grease trap maintainer that does not have harmful chemicals or additives. Bio Ben will keep systems clean and free-flowing by unleashing naturally occurring bacteria that thrive on organic waste that goes down the drain.


Sewer line cleaning: All of our trucks are equipped with powerful sewer machines that can run up to 100 ft of 3/4″ cable. These have several different cutter heads to remove those stubborn ROOTS!!

Sewer line video services: We can run a video camera down your sewer to see what is causing the problem. We can also make a DVD of it to show others. This way you know for certain what the problem is and can decide the best course of action in regards to repair or replacement. Why guess?

Sewer line locating: Do you want to put in a pool or add an addition to your home but are not sure where the sewer line is or do you simply want to know the location of it? We can help with our sewer line locator. We can come within inches and tell you the depth with our locating equipment.

Sewer line clean-outs: We can install, repair or replace sewer line clean-outs. By City of Wichita code, your main sewer must have a clean-out installed with which the line can be cleaned if it becomes stopped up.

Sewer line maintenance: Join our sewer cleaning maintenance program where we come out and perform a line cleaning and camera inspection to prevent the surprise of a system failure.

Herbicidal Naturally Based Root Killer: With a unique foaming action, the Herbicidal Naturally Based Root Killer reaches the top of the pipe where 90% of root intrusion occurs. Then, organic compounds in the formula strip away grease and grime on the roots and an EPA registered herbicide (Dichlobenil) kills the roots on contact and prevents their growth.

Sewer line replacement and repair: Tired of having your sewer cleaned out? Tired of wondering if it will stop up when you have a house full of guests? We can repair and/or replace all sewer lines.

Trenchless sewer replacement: Don’t want to have your beautiful landscaped yard all dug up? We can replace your sewer line with a lot less mess.


Faucet repair: Tired of that dripping, leaking faucet? We repair all brands and models of any age, 98% of the time. We carry hundreds of faucet parts on our trucks to help save you time and money.

Faucet replacements: We can install one of the industry’s most economical long lasting faucets for your kitchen, lavatory, tub or shower and even your laundry sink. We carry 10 different faucets on our trucks! Or, provide your own and have it installed by us.


We install disposals with full in-home warranties (all parts and labor covered for entire length of warranty period) from 1 year to 10 years.


We install new gas lines for gas cooktops, ranges, dryers, outside BBQ grills, swimming pool heaters, space heaters, furnaces or any gas appliance. We also find leaks in existing gas lines and repair as needed.


Outside faucets: We repair and replace outside antifreeze faucets. The outside faucet we install will not freeze and break even if you leave the hose on in the winter.

Hot and cold outside faucets: Sometimes it is nice to have hot water available outside your home. Imagine the next time you clean your gas grill—how easy it would be with hot water to help cut the grease!

Yard hydrant: Have a yard hydrant (faucet) installed out by the barn for easy watering.


Toilet installation: We install low-flow, “Guaranteed Flush” toilets plus standard low-flow toilets. Go “Green” with our “Dual Flush” lowflow toilet—it flushes 1 gallon of water when you go #1 or 1.6 gallons when you go #2. Visit the link below for a short 4 minute video showing our toilets flushing everything from 1/2” copper 90 elbows to 5 pounds of carrots. Watch on YouTube

Toilet repair: We work on and repair all makes and models of toilets, whether 1 piece or 2 piece, of any age.


Electronic leak detection: We have the resources to locate water leaks under concrete—why just take a guess or just give up and relocate water lines when you can find the leak?

Water repipes and repairs: We can replace all the water lines in your home, if needed, or just make the repair.


We will repair and replace the main water line from the meter into your home. Directional boring is also available to keep from tearing up your yard—one hole at the meter and another at the house is all that is needed, so there is no need to trench up your entire yard.


Did you know—broken washer hoses are one of the major causes of water damage in homes? Why take a chance? Replace those black rubber hoses with stainless steel no-burst washer hoses and we can replace the shutoff valves as well.


We can install commercial flush valve toilets and urinals—Sloan, Royal and all brands, whether manual or automatic flush.


Any repair/replacement not listed above that is related to your house plumbing systems is a repair/replacement the can be done by Ben Franklin Plumbing of Wichita.

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