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They don’t dominate a kitchen like a massive refrigerator. They don’t feature elaborate control panels like a microwave oven. But garbate disposals take their rightful place of honor in kitchens around the world. Perhaps more often than any other appliance, they bring convenience and practicality to everyone in the home. Consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Wichita when you need a new one, or when you’re having trouble with your current disposal.

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About Garbage Disposal – Installation, Service, and Repair

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Wichita is familiar with most all standard food waste garbage disposals to include Insinkerator, Waste King, Whirlaway, Whirlpool, GE, Ace, Kitchenaid, Sinkmaster, Badger and Maytag. Generally the main difference between one disposal and another is the size of the motor or hose power (HP). Smaller units will be 1/4 to 1/3 HP and larger units will be up to 1 HP. Depending on what you plan on putting down the unit could determine what size motor you need. Another determining factor when choosing a disposal is the length of the warranty. Generally warranties run from 1 year to lifetime. The longer the warranty, the more you will pay for the disposal.

Tips and Facts about Garbage DisposalGarbage Disposal Installation and Repair

An easy way to reduce the amount of food waste in your home is to install a garbage disposal. Quickly and efficiently eliminating leftover potato peels, fruit rinds and many other types of food waste, the disposal grinds it all into fine particles that are flushed out of the chamber and into the house drainage, waste and vent system or what you probably call your sewer. As you shop for your new garbage disposal, consider:

  1. Which type of garbage disposal would work best in your home?
  2. Which size disposal is appropriate for your household needs?
  3. What special features are more important to you?
  4. Do you have a septic tank? Septic tanks require a special type of disposal.

Updated: 9/17/2016

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