Water Heater Installation in Wichita: Who’s Really Installing It?

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Here is the good news: you can buy a new water heater from Home Depot or from Lowe’s here in Wichita, and other big box retailers sell water heaters too.Wichita KS water heater installation.

Now for the bad news: they don’t install them!

Well, they “sort of” do, but they outsource the installation to any local Tom, Dick, or Harry who seems to be able to do the job. Which might be all right if you get lucky, but then again perhaps not. They will usually use a one-man local plumber, so you can get the worst of both worlds: the bureaucracy of a Home Depot or Lowe’s and the fly-by-night service of a single man installer.

It gets worse. The single man business will usually drop his normal rates for Wichita KS water heater installation if he thinks Home Depot or Lowe’s are going to give him lots of business, but they don’t pass any savings on to you. Oh no, that’s all just extra profit for them, so you don’t even save any money.

If you want Wichita KS water heater installation you are far better off working with a reputable company that does sales, installation, and service as well. That would be us – Ben Franklin, The Punctual Plumber.

We Will Be Delighted to Install Your Water Heater

Of course, we will be delighted to sell you a water heater of whatever type you require. We undertake all types of Wichita KS water heater installation including all traditional tank-type water heaters in electric, natural gas, or propane, in all sizes, and we provide guarantees up to LIFETIME which means you never have to worry again. Try getting that from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

We also supply and install all types of tankless water heaters, and we can supply any make or model. These are also available in electric, propane, or natural gas, and you can save as much as 50% on the cost of a tank-type water heater. Not only that, they hang on the wall, so you save on floor space too. You can shower all day with a tankless water heater and you cannot run out of hot water.

We can also install hot water circulating pumps and recirculating systems if it takes ages to get hot water to your faucet. Don’t waste any more water – this will solve that problem. In addition, we supply hot water dispensers which are usually installed on your sink. This provides instant hot water up to 190° which means you don’t have to wait for a kettle to boil for that cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee.

Whatever your needs for hot water, Ben Franklin does it all.

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