A Water Filtration System Can Make A Big Difference To Your Wichita Home

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Many residents of Wichita as well as nearby towns like Derby or Bel Aire, Kansas, are unaware of the benefits of whole house water filtration systems and therefore unsure of whether they are a sound investment.A Wichita whole house water filtration system.

It has to be said that Wichita’s water is safe. At the same time, it also has to be said that while safe it is also not the most pure. It is somewhat heavy in minerals and most certainly does not have the best taste. Whole house water filtration systems for your central Kansas castle (or home) will remove a lot of the minerals and make your water softer and better-tasting. The matter of taste is true, even if you do not drink water straight from the faucet. Any drinks that you make such as coffee or tea will also taste better.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of whole house water filtration systems. The fact is that when water leaves the treatment plant and travels to your home it is running through all sorts of pipes, some of which have been there for decades, and there is no way of knowing what it might pick up on the way.

Lead Contamination in our Wichita Water?

If water is traveling through lead pipes it can be contaminated by lead which can delay the growth of children, and also be responsible for blood pressure and kidney problems.

Fluoride has also been added to water for years because it can help prevent oral decay. However, long-term use of fluoride has been linked to earlier aging and also may weaken the immune system. Chlorine is also used for disinfection purposes, and while it is safe to drink in small amounts it can irritate eyes and skin when used in water for showering or bathing.

Aluminum is another metal which may be present in unfiltered water, and it has been linked to skin problems, learning problems in children, Alzheimer’s, and a whole lot more.

When you install a whole house water filtration system it will have the effect of removing these unwanted elements, making the water taste better and in addition softer. This means that you need less soap when showering or bathing and it will make your skin feel softer also. All of the water that you use is cleaner and fresher, and there are no worries about possible side effects for your family’s health. It is true that not everything that can get into your water is harmful: some things such as rust merely affect the taste and appearance of the water, but why take any risks when a water filtration system will solve the problems for you? If you live in Wichita or anywhere nearby, please call us as we are Wichita’s #1 installation company for whole house water filtration systems!

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