Benjamin Franklin Plumbing: We’re Passionate About Central Kansas – Including Andover

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Although we are based in Wichita, we love all of the surrounding cities in central Kansas such as Andover. In fact, we are noted as the top Andover KS plumbers.


Because of all the benefits we offer to Andover residents. We don’t just service Wichita, which is what some companies do. We service everywhere within 30 miles of Wichita, and we’re only too happy to jump in our vans and come to Andover when you have a problem.

Plumbing Problems Usually Won’t Wait

Let’s face it: when you have a problem with your plumbing it is usually a problem that won’t wait. It certainly isn’t going to get any better. That’s why we offer residents and businesses in Andover aAndover Kansas Plumbers genuine 24/7/365 plumbing service. No matter what time of day or night it is you can rely on Benjamin Franklin to get to you fast. A leaking pipe, water dripping through the ceiling, or a blocked drain is only going to get worse the longer you leave it. In some instances it will get worse in a matter of an hour or two, so speed is of the essence.

Of course, some plumbing problems are not so urgent, and indeed may require careful planning. Take the installation of a new bathroom for instance. This is not something that you decide today and start tomorrow. You need to find the fittings that suit you, and then we need to take a look at your existing bathroom so that we can decide on the best way to run all the pipework.

All Part Of The Service

That’s all part of the service at Benjamin Franklin, the punctual plumber, but once we commence the work we won’t keep you hanging around. Indeed, if necessary we’ll put two or three of our expert technicians on the job working together in order to get your new bathroom installed as quickly as possible.

Then again, some things are really urgent, such as sewer line blockages. The problem with those is that most people don’t realize that there’s a problem until there’s a problem. If that sounds obvious, what we mean is that many people won’t see the problem until the toilet won’t flush or the shower won’t drain and water floods out over the bathroom floor. Yikes! Call Benjamin Franklin, the top-rated Andover KS plumbers, and we’ll be with you in a flash.

At Benjamin Franklin we do just about everything related to water. Water heaters that are not working, installing that new dishwasher you have just had delivered, repairing a broken water cistern on your toilet, trenchless drain renewal (yes, we can renew your drains and sewers without digging up your yard), replacing a leaking water tank – whatever the problem, it’s all in a day’s (or night’s) work for us. That’s why we’re the #1 Andover KS plumbers.

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