Ben Franklin Plumbing, Gas Line Repair Experts in Wichita, KS, Announce New Blog for Line Repair Dilemmas

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Wichita, Kansas – December 28, 2016. Ben Franklin Plumbing, Wichita’s top-rated plumbing company, is proud to announce a new update to its blog information specific to gas line repair in Wichita and central Kansas. Older homes can be prone to wear and tear in gas lines. A gas leak in the home is a danger to residents and can go undetected due to the odorless quality. A gas line inspection may be in order to confirm safety of the property and residents; or, if necessary, a complete gas line repair can be effected.Plumbing Company

“Wichita locals know we are experts in plumbing, but they may not be aware that we are also licensed professionals in gas line repair. Our new blog category will centralize information on gas line repair issues for Wichita and surrounding central Kansas cities,” explained Jason Clark, Manager of Ben Franklin Plumbing of Wichita, Kansas. “Many homeowners may have a dangerous gas leak, antiquated gas line, or other problem, and not even know it. The new blog category will help them stay up-to-date on this issue.”

To review the new blog section for Ben Franklin Pluming’s gas line repair, please visit the website. New posts for gas line issues will continue to roll out through the 2017 year as it is a timely, and important issue for Kansas, residents.

Note: With the increase of earthquakes in Oklahoma, Kansas and near to Wichita and surrounding areas, plumbers are seeing an increase in gas line leaks and homeowner concerns. That’s why it’s important to have your gas lines inspected by a licensed plumbers. Homeowners can contact Ben Franklin Plumbing to set up an inspection.

Gas Line Repair in Wichita Kansas: Time for a Check-Up

Yearly appointments to the doctor’s office can be a normal part of life for Wichita, Kansas locals. As people age, things begin to deteriorate such as the joints in the knees and elbows. Physicians may recommend surgery to repair old joints and add new, long-lasting replacements. If a Kansas local lives in an older home, it may be a good idea to give the house a check-up as well. Older homes can suffer the same wear and tear as an older person, but the results of a gas leak can quickly damage or destroy the health of both the home and the residents. The odorless quality can make a gas leak a truly dangerous problem needing immediate gas line repair.

Ben Franklin Plumbing has recently announced a new blog category dedicated to gas line repair issues. Older knees worn down over time can be painful, but a gas leak in the home must be fixed immediately. The blog post highlights gas leak problems and the importance of scheduling yearly routine inspections. Ben Franklin is not only an expert plumbing service in Wichita, but also a licensed professional with a permit to carry out gas line repair and replacement services. If a Wichita resident lives in an older home, it may be a smart plan to have the gas lines looked at each year. If worn out seals and joints are found, a quick gas line repair can be scheduled. Wichita, KS locals can rely on the expert care of Ben Franklin Plumbing to provide a professional gas leak check-up when the time arrives.

About Ben Franklin Plumbing of Wichita, Kansas

Ben Franklin Plumbing is a top-rated plumbing service, serving greater Wichita, Kansas and located at 2825 E. Kellogg Avenue. The company offers 24 hour, emergency plumbing service not only to Wichita but to surrounding communities such as Derby, Andover, and Haysville, Kansas. Professionally licensed plumbers are ready for plumbing problems such as: drain cleaning, installing pump systems and water heaters, sewer line clean-outs and faucet repair. The company is also permitted to manage gas line repair and replacement issues. When searching for sewer repairs and unclogging drains in Derby, Andover, Haysville or Wichita, Kansas, Ben Franklin Plumbing is available.

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