A Toilet Replacement for Your Wichita Home: Is It Time?

Here’s the reality. We take our toilets for granted, until we don’t. Many customers call us only when their toilets are overflowing or have given out. However, it may be smart to consider whether it’s time for a toilet Toilet Replacementrepair or toilet replacement. Replacing your toilet is actually not that difficult, and we have many wonderful new toilet options. In fact, because we live in an era of increasing environmental concern, there are new types of low-flow toilets that can save you money on your water bill, and make you feel good about yourself as an eco-friendly resident of Wichita, or elsewhere in central Kansas.

When It’s Time to Replace a Toilet

So how do you know if it’s time to replace your toilet? Now, first of all, one obvious sign is if your toilet no longer functions. If for example, you frequently have to use your plunger, this is not a good sign. It may be that the toilet itself is not functioning, or it may be that you have a significant sewer line problem. If you reach out to our plumbing service, we can come out and inspect what’s going on.

Second, is your toilet running nonstop? Do you have to jiggle to get it to stop? If so, your toilet is not only endlessly wasting water, that it may have a minor repair issue. Third, if you have obnoxious smells around the base of the toilet or perpetual dampness, you may have a serious problem: a toilet that is leaking out the bottom.

Emergency Toilet Repair in Wichita and Environs

Most people, of course, wait until there toilet has failed, before they call us. And that’s okay. We are the top rated toilet replacement and repair service in all of Wichita. So if your toilet has stopped working, of course, give us a call. We even operate on an emergency basis.

However, if you have ongoing toilet problems, or would like to explore options for Eco friendly toilets, we can also help. In fact we could help you do an inventory of your entire house, ranging from the sewer system to the toilets to the sinks, and help you prepare your water using appliances to be friendly to the Kansas environment. Just give us a call.

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A Toilet Replacement for Your Wichita Home: Is It Time?
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