Holidays and Clogged Drains in Bel Aire, Kansas: No Fun

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It is pretty much the case that nothing can be much worse than a stopped drain, but that’s not entirely true. A stopped drain over Christmas can be a whole lot worse, chiefly because you could spend half of Christmas Day on Google trying to find an emergency plumber in that will carry out drain cleaning in Bel Aire, Kansas, on Christmas Day (not to mention all the other cities in the Wichita metropolitan area). (Or even before New Year’s!). Good luck with that!

There are not very many about, but luckily for you, Ben Franklin Plumbing Services of Wichita is one of them. Certainly, Derby, Bel Aire, and other cities are not necessarily “local” to our offices, but having said that, you are only about 12 miles down the road and we keep our trucks on the road 24/7 – even on Christmas Day – so we are always here when you need us.

Murphy’s Law: Clogged Drains and the Holidays

Clogged Drain RepairYou have heard of Murphy’s Law: “What can go wrong will go wrong”. Unfortunately, it also has a habit of going wrong at the most inconvenient times, such as Christmas Day, when it is the devil’s own job trying to find someone to fix it. (Many people are not aware of Murphy’s Second Law, which states that when things have gone wrong, whatever you try to do to correct the situation will only finish up making matters worse!! So, whatever you do, don’t go trying to do it yourself! You need to call in the experts. That’s us).

When you need drain cleaning in Bel Aire, Kansas, on Christmas Day, Easter Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, or any other inconvenient day of the year, think Ben Franklin Plumbing Services. We’re here for you always, no matter what or when.

Friends And Family Visiting Means a Lot of Plumbing Usage

Of course, over the holiday, it may well be that you have friends and family coming to visit and stay for a few days. The shower that you and your kids use may be able to handle the normal amount of traffic, but when you have them and their six kids to cope with as well, it may not. It could become totally clogged just at the most inappropriate moment.

Luckily, there is an answer. Call in Ben Franklin to give your system a complete inspection, and if necessary an overhaul. That way, you will avoid an emergency drain cleaning in Bel Aire, Kansas, on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. One of our expert technicians will check out all your plumbing and make certain that everything is in perfect working order before the holidays. That way, you won’t have any nasty surprises just when you are all sitting down to your Christmas turkey and looking forward to pulling a few crackers.

Whatever you decide (although a regular inspection is the best course of prevention) we wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas.

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