If You Have a Problem with Your Gas Line, Call Wichita’s Gas Line Repair Experts

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If you have any sort of issue with your gas line, whatever you do – don’t try to fix it yourself. Gas Line – Repair, Service, Installation - Licensed, Master, and Journeyman Plumbers on Staff | All Repairs | 24/7 Emergency ServiceNatural gas is extremely flammable and whether you have a problem with an existing one or need to install an additional one you need to have the right training and qualifications. Gas lines must only be installed by gas line installation companies in Wichita that have been certified and licensed by the City.

If you have decided to replace your electric cooker with a gas fired cook top and stove, fair enough. The majority of serious cooks prefer to cook with gas because you can control the heat instantly, and you can see the height of the flame which makes it a simple matter to turn it down to simmer level and then back up to boiling in an instant.

However, when adding a gas pipe to a house’s existing gas system it is necessary to calculate the BTU load of the home and then add to that the number of BTU’s that you plan to add. The Unified Plumbing Code has a chart that has to be followed in order to determine the total number of BTU’s that a particular size of pipe can handle.

If the original line that you are planning to add the new gas line to is not of the right size, then there will be a problem because it will not be able to deliver the total number of BBTU’s required to all appliances when it is needed. If that should happen, it could cause serious problems with all of the appliances on that particular line. You can begin to see why this is complicated and why only qualified and certified gas line installation companies in Wichita are allowed to carry out such work.

There Are Many Other Considerations

And that is only one of many other considerations. In fact, when installing a gas line, even a certified company such as ourselves at Ben Franklin is require to “pull a permit” with the city before carrying out the work. Not only that, but when we have completed the work and installed the gas line, a city inspector will then call and check the installation in order to ensure that we have carried out the work correctly.

When installing any sort of gas line and equipment there are too many opportunities for things to go wrong. This is why you need Ben Franklin to do this for you, because we are one of the certified gas line installation companies in Wichita. Then you can sleep easy in the knowledge that it has been done correctly.

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