We Really ARE The Best Plumbers In Wichita. Don’t Believe Us, Believe Them

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Here at Ben Franklin – The Punctual Plumber – we really do strive to be the best Wichita plumber. Of course, we know that everyone claims to be the “best” at what they do, so let’s take a look at the facts.

Ben Franklin – Wichita’s best plumbers

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First is our stunning reviews on Google by REAL customers. Go take a look and see what people say.

The second is the fact that we have won the “Best Plumber” accolade in the contest run by the Wichita Eagle. Not just for one year. Not two. Not even three. For the last SIX YEARS running!!

When we claim to be the best Wichita plumber, don’t listen to us – listen to them!

So why do people prefer us rather than our competitors? It could have something to do with our On-Time Promise. We respect the fact that when you call a plumber in, you don’t want to be waiting around. So our On-Time Promise states that if by some chance we are late we will pay you $5.00 per minute for every minute we keep you waiting. As you might imagine, that keeps us on our toes.

We Don’t Employ Trainees

Then it could have something to do with the fact that we don’t employ trainees. The plumber who arrives at your door has many years of experience. He is courteous, wears a smart and clean uniform, and even puts on shoe covers before entering your home. He has also had a complete background check and in addition is drug-free, undergoing random testing. On top of all that, every one of our plumbers regularly attends seminars on everything from the latest plumbing technology to polishing up his customer service skills.

Then there is our pricing policy. Many plumbers – indeed, most plumbers – charge you by the hour. We are not going to suggest that other plumbers deliberately spin out the time to make the job longer (although that is always a possibility), but suppose you get a plumber who is not as competent as another? He might take four hours to do a job that another would do in two. So you finish up paying double for the same job.

Reasonable Rates for Quality Plumbing Work

At Ben Franklin we charge reasonable rates. That means that you know exactly what it is going to cost you before we start, and it also means our plumber doesn’t feel rushed to get the job done by cutting corners.

You can also join Ben’s Society. As a member you get 15% discount off every plumbing job, but in addition you get a free visit once a year when one of our expert technicians will check your entire home looking for any small leaks before they become big problems. He will also inspect your water heater and give it a 14 point Precision Tune-Up which will make it last longer and help to prevent any breakdowns.

So as we said, we DO strive to be the best Wichita plumber, but don’t believe us, believe our customers and the Wichita Eagle.

Photo credit: bradleypjohnson via Foter.com / CC BY

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