The Problem With Your Drain May Be Deeper Than You Think

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If your drain isn’t working you can try to clean it, unblock it, unstuff it, unclog it, undo it, and otherwise get it to work, all by yourself.
Good luck with that!

Drain cleaning in WichitaThe problem with your drain may be deeper than you think. To begin with, it may just be something that has gone down the toilet and blocked the line. Maybe the kids have stuffed a woolly toy down there, then greasy water from the washing up starts to cause a build-up of grease on it.

Possibly, soil movement could cause a dent in a plastic drain which could trap a foreign object. When fall hits in Wichita and/or the weather gets dry, the Wichita trees look for Wichita water. It’s the prairie ecosystem at work, really. Exactly this occurred in one case some months ago when our drain cleaning service in Wichita found that there was a dent in the pipe and a tennis ball had got stuck there. How that happened was anyone’s guess because nobody in the home played tennis!

Another Big Culprit Is Tree Roots

Of course, another big culprit – if you have trees in the yard – could be tree roots. Trees need a lot of water (fun fact: an acre of beech will lift seven tons of water in a day in the summer). So trees will send their roots anywhere where there is water, and that includes your drain and sewer line. Water is flowing through there several times a day, and the slightest leak will allow water into the surrounding soil. Your local friendly Kansas white oak, Douglas fir, or red maple will think to itself “aha!” and send its’ roots over to inspect. Then it finds the crack in your drain line and pops its’ roots inside where it gets a drink every time you flush the toilet, have a shower, or do the washing up. Soon enough, your drain begins to fill with roots: it happens all the time.

Fortunately, our drain cleaning service in Wichita includes the use of a video camera which we can send down the drain in order to see what the problem is. We can even make a DVD of it to show you. We can then use one of our powerful machines that employs several different types of cutter heads in order to cut away the roots. Then we can use a herbicidal root killer compound which strips away any grease or grime on the roots and will kill the roots on contact preventing their regrowth.

So when you have a drain problem it is very likely that you won’t be able to fix it yourself. Rather than wasting time and energy, just reach out to us for our drain cleaning service in Wichita.

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