If You Have A Drain Problem In Wichita, Don’t DIY. GUTDIFY!

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If you find that water is draining away slowly from your bath, shower, or toilet, the cause is very often blocked drains. We see a lot of this in Wichita. However, don’t attempt to clear them yourself. DIY is hard – very hard – and if you DIW (Do It Wrong) you can be in all sorts of trouble, very likely involving completely new drains, which can cost an arm and a leg.Drain Unclogging in Wichita


So what’s the answer? The answer is to GUTDIFY – Get Us To Do It For You. Drain unclogging Wichita is a job for the professionals.

It’s a strange old world, but most people wouldn’t even consider doing anything around the home that involves electricity. They would call in a qualified electrician who knows what he is doing.

Yet those same people will cheerfully set about trying drain unclogging Wichita without having a clue about how to do it.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing we have all the right tools for the job, and we clear blocked drains in Wichita and the surrounding area every working day. And on non-working days – well non-working for most people. We don’t actually have non-working days because we are on call all day and all night every day of the week.

The Culprit Is Often Tree Roots Caused by Rich Kansas Soils

Drain unclogging  depends on what has caused the blockage in the first place. Very often the culprit is tree roots. Let’s face it. Wichita and all of central Kansas has rich soil, which grows trees and scrambles sewers and drains. Warm water flowing through your drains from the bath or the shower can cause vapor to escape through a small crack or a faulty joint into the surrounding soil. Tree roots grow towards the vapor and through any crack or faulty joint to partake of the nutrients and water inside. Once inside, they just keep on growing and will eventually crack the pipe wide open.

In the meantime, the roots act as a sort of net, catching food debris, toilet paper etc., which causes the water to drain away more slowly and will eventually prevent it from draining away at all with the resulting unpleasantness in the home.

At Ben Franklin we have all of the necessary tools such as root cutters, augers, and high pressure jet washers to clear clogged drains in Wichita. We’re experts at sewer line repairs, including trenchless sewer line repairs. We will first undertake a thorough video inspection of your drain in order to establish the “root cause” (sorry – we couldn’t resist that!) of the problem, and then take the appropriate action to remove the blockage and get your drains running freely once more.

It is actually a good idea to have us undertake a regular inspection of your drains, perhaps once a year, in order to pinpoint any problems and potential damage rather than waiting for it to happen.

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