Wichita Holiday Checklist: Don’t Forget the Emergency Plumber!

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Let’s face it. With the upcoming holiday season, guests are coming to dinner! Your mom or dad, your uncle or aunt, your in-laws or other friends and family may be heading into Kansas. Perhaps you’ll gather round of the Thanksgiving table, or perhaps it will be the Christmas table. Or it could be a Hanukkah event. Or perhaps something more secular, just a holiday festivity. But, no matter what the event, or whether the guests are coming just for a few hours or for a few days, you should start to think of your holiday checklist.

Emergency Plumbing and the Holiday Season

Wichita, Kansas - Holidays and 24 Hour PlumbingAs one of the top rated plumbing services in Wichita, we look forward to the holiday season in a peculiar way. It is one of our peak seasons for emergency or 24 hour plumbing service calls. Since we service not only Wichita but nearby cities such as Derby or Andover, our plumbers can be very busy.

Here’s a common scenario. The in-laws come to visit. Suddenly your house in Wichita or elsewhere here in central Kansas goes from having two or three inhabitants to having six or eight. Your aging toilet or sewer system is not prepared.

You may wake up Thanksgiving or Christmas morning, or perhaps New Year’s, to a very special present. It may be an overflowing toilet, or a sewer system that’s just had enough, or a clogged drain. Perhaps your water heater decides to die.

Now you are in a panic. When you made your holiday checklist, you probably thought about the groceries, and the drinks. But did you think about having pre-identified an emergency, 24 hour plumber in the Wichita area? Probably not.

Add Ben Franklin to Your Holiday Checklist

However, hopefully you have found Ben Franklin plumbing, and you realize that we offer emergency, 24 hour services. Whatever the problem is, ranging from an overflowing toilet, to a sewer system issue, to a water heater that has met the end of its days, we can help.

Be sure to add our website and our phone number to your holiday checklist. In fact, if you have issues that you know of, such as a very old toilet. Why not consider replacing the toilet before the guests come over?

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