Sewer Line Repair Responsibility: Yours, Wichita’s, No One’s?

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Sewer lines are not a subject that is up for general discussion. You certainly wouldn’t bring the subject of Wichita sewer line up at a dinner party. Your sewer line is your responsibility here in Wichita, Kansas.We don’t even want to think about them when you consider what goes down them, but the fact is that they are a very important part of the social fabric and without them – well, we don’t need to explain.

As it happens, at Ben Franklin we talk about them quite a lot, but that’s because we come into contact with them all the time because we fix a lot of sewer lines as a plumber for sewer line repair Wichita.

The reason that we are always talking about them and fixing them is that they do have a habit of getting blocked, going wrong, wearing out, and so on. Now here’s the problem: many folks believe that the sewer line repair is the responsibility of the City of Wichita – and they’re right. To a certain extent. The sewer line IS the responsibility of the City – but here’s the catch: it’s only the MAIN sewer line that is their responsibility. The part of it that lies under your yard and land is YOUR responsibility. If something goes wrong there, that’s YOUR problem and if you rang City Hall and asked them to fix it they would just laugh. Well, maybe not laugh, but they certainly wouldn’t do anything about it. They’d just refer you to a plumber for sewer line repair Wichita, and that would be us. Surely you don’t want to have to fix your own sewer line?

We Talk About Sewer Line Repair A Lot Because We Repair a lot of Wichita Sewers

That is why we talk about sewer line repair a lot, because, sad to say, sewer lines do have a habit of going wrong. Fortunately, we know how to put them right.

Very often the problem with a sewer line is tree roots. Tree roots? Yes. Trees need a lot of water and they send their roots out searching for it everywhere. If your sewer line has a crack in it, which could be for a number of reasons, it will let water out into the surrounding soil every time you empty the sink or flush the loo. The tree thinks to itself “Ah ha! Water”. So it sends its’ roots over to investigate. And it finds the crack in the sewer line. So it sends the roots inside through the crack and – guess what – it finds even more water. So it sends more roots over and before you know it your sewer line is full of tree roots and you can’t flush the loo.

Well, you can, but we won’t go into detail.

As a plumber for sewer line repair Wichita we can deal with those tree roots, and we can also make sure they don’t come back. For any sort of sewer line problems, give us a call.

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