Garbage Disposal Installation in Wichita? Easy! Until You Try…….

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Ah, the lowly garbage disposal unit. It don’t get no respect! Yet we use it nearly every day, and when it eventually goes wrong it seems deceptively simple to hop in the car and go to a local Wichita Home Depot to pick up a new unit. Then you just go back home, take out the old one and fit the new one. Anyone can do it, can’t they?

Garbage disposal installation in Wichita

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Errr, right! Every tried it? Once you have, you will gain a new-found respect for your local Wichita professional plumber because garbage disposal installation is no job for the layman. To start with, you need to be both a plumber and an electrician because the unit is operated by electricity. In effect, you are dealing with water and electricity together, and we all know that water and electricity are not a good mix if you don’t know what you are doing.

Then there are the tools you would need for a DIY garbage disposal installation. You will need a bucket and rags, plumbers putty, putty knife, screwdrivers, hammer, wire strippers, wire nuts, electrical tape, and a pipe wrench.

Instructions On The Internet for Garbage Disposal Installation

You can find some instructions on the internet for garbage disposal installation, Here are a couple of them out of a total of 14 different things that you need to do:

Now you can open your new garbage disposal and begin installing it. First off, you will need the sink flange and the mounting assembly. The mounting assembly includes upper and lower mounting rings and mounting bolts. Open up your plumbers putty and place a quarter-inch coil of putty around the drain. Next, take the sink flange, place it in the drain and press it down carefully onto the putty.

Find your gasket and mounting ring and head back under the sink. Take the gasket and the mounting ring and push them up the flange. Connect the snap ring to the flange, which will keep the gasket and ring in place.

Want to see some more?

Now comes the wiring. Rest the disposer on its side underneath the sink. After shutting off the breaker, you need to remove the disposal’s cover plate to access the wiring. Connect the white and black wires to the matching wires from the power supply. Next ground the supply wire and replace the electrical cover plate on the unit.

If you happen to have a dishwasher then there is an extra step in the process. Find the close-ended tube on the side of the disposal, near the top. This is where the dishwasher inlet line is connected. Take out the line plug with a screwdriver and a hammer. The plug may fall into your disposal, so be sure that you get it out before proceeding.

And there’s more where that came from!

Like many things, garbage disposal installation may seem a fairly simple process on the face of it. However, you have probably begun to get the idea by now that it is far from simple, despite the fact that the page where the above instructions came from starts off by telling you that it is easy!

No, installing a garbage disposal is a job for the professionals, so don’t ruin your weekend – call Ben Franklin instead. We’re Wichita’s favorite place for garbage disposal repairs and installation!

Photo credit: MoToMo via / CC BY

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