Ben Franklin Plumbing, One of Wichita’s Top Drain Cleaning Services, Announces New Blog on “Simply Ugly” Drain Cleaning Problems

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Wichita, Kansas – October 1, 2017. Ben Franklin Plumbing, a professional drain cleaning service in Wichita, Kansas, is proud to announce a new blog post. The post focuses on helping DIY (do-it-yourself) consumers understand when it’s time to reach out for professional drain cleaning and drain unclogging services.

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“The ugly truth is although we all know it’s not good to dump oils and grease down a kitchen sink, it happens,” commented Jason Clark, Manager of Ben Franklin Plumbing of Wichita, Kansas. “Whether on purpose, or just by neglect after years of washing greasy pans, eventually a cold, hard glob of gunk can clog a drain and it’s not easy to fix alone. Our blog post goes into this as a stereotypical example of when a DIY project can be very tough.”

To review the new blog post about “simply ugly clogged drains” in businesses or residences, please visit the website. In summary, homeowners and businesses in Central Kansas may have had difficulty cleaning out a kitchen sink alone. The problem could be a buildup of fat, oil and grease deep in the pipes causing a slow drain in the sink. Fat, oil, grease and hair that has gone down a sink can eventually solidify deep in the plumbing system. Handing such a project may require more tools and time than a property owner may have. A top drain cleaning service in Wichita can help clean out clogged pipes quickly and easily. Those looking for specific information on the drain cleaning service in Wichita, can also find a wealth of information on the website.


Here is more information on this announcement. Kansas residents working in kitchens at home or a restaurant may have had to handle drain cleanings if a sink has begun to plug up. The issue can be typical for busy kitchen sinks as the culprits have been a common practice of food preparation – using fat, oil and grease (or FOG). Wichita, Kansas residents may have had success simply cleaning out the drain in the past, but build up deep in the pipes could finally create an ugly mess only a professional drain cleaning service in Wichita can handle.

In order to better educate the public, Ben Franklin Plumbing, expert plumbers for Wichita and the Central Kansas region, has announced a new blog post. FOG can be a common reason for clogged kitchen sinks and stopped drains in a household or business. Years of washing pans and dishes may mean grease collects deep within the plumbing system over many years. If a quick DIY snaking of a kitchen sink has stopped working, it could be time to contact a professional drain cleaning service in Wichita. Slow drains in kitchen sinks may appear to need an easy fix, yet what seems simple could turn out to be uglier than realized. Fats and grease mixed with hair can create a plug that only a professional drain cleaning service in Wichita may know how to handle.


Ben Franklin Plumbing is a top-rated plumbing and drain cleaning service, serving greater Wichita, Kansas and located at 2825 E. Kellogg Avenue. The company offers 24/7 emergency plumbing service not only to Wichita but to surrounding communities such as Derby, Andover, and Haysville, Kansas. Professionally licensed plumbers are ready for plumbing problems such as: drain cleaning service, installing pump systems and water heaters, sewer line clean-outs and faucet repair. The company also replaces and installs faucets, garbage disposals and toilets. Commercial plumbers and residential plumbers are ready to serve. When searching for sewer repairs and unclogging drains in Derby, Andover, Haysville or Wichita, Kansas, Ben Franklin Plumbing is available.

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Photo credit: bradleypjohnson via / CC BY

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