If You Need to Talk to a Kansas Plumber, You Can Chat with Ben Franklin Online

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Chat with your plumber? Well, that’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind about plumbers, as we’re a laconic lot. Ben Franklin Plumbing Wichita EmployeesBut at Ben Franklin we now have a new and improved home page and you can chat away to your heart’s content with our office staff. You can use your laptop, or you can chat on your mobile or tablet – whatever suits you.

Not every plumber has the skills that are necessary to wear the Ben Franklin uniform. Our professionals are all screened and tested before we take them on, and they have all apprenticed with master plumbers before going solo. Every one of our plumbers has undergone background checks and they are also subject to random drug testing when working for us. Furthermore, at Ben Franklin we don’t hire newbies and let them gain experience at your expense. We believe that when you want a plumber you want the best, and with Ben Franklin that’s what you get.

Always Learning How To be a Better Plumber

All our plumbers continue learning. Plumbing technology is always evolving and so our plumbers attend seminars and visit manufacturers in order to insure that they are always up to speed with the latest developments.

What all this means is that Ben Franklin plumbers are certified to be able to carry out any sort of plumbing job, but that doesn’t mean that they are expensive. We don’t charge you by the hour, but by the job. What that means is that the Ben Franklin plumber who serves you is not under any pressure to rush the job: it takes as long as it takes to do it right first time.

Furthermore, it means that you don’t pay too much. If you hire a plumber who takes two hours to do a job, when a more skilled one could do it in an hour, you would be paying for two hours work instead of one. But not with Ben Franklin. We quote you the price, and that is the price. We have a pretty shrewd idea of how long each job should take and we price it accordingly: if it takes half an hour longer, so be it.

Our plumbers can undertake any sort of plumbing job that you need, from simply changing the washer on a faucet to complete replacement of your sewer line. Furthermore, we can replace your sewer line without digging up your yard and making it a mess. We use trenchless sewer replacement which basically lines your existing sewer with a new one which will last for another 50 or 100 years.

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