What Does It Mean To Be the Best Plumber In Wichita?

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What does it mean to be the best plumber in Wichita? Many plumbing companies will lay claim to that description, but are they really?

Quite obviously, skill and experience count for an awful lot. You really don’t want your plumbing repairs and installations carried out by a trainee just out of college. That’s why every Ben Franklin plumber not only has several years of experience in the trade working with a Master Plumber before he can wear the Ben Franklin uniform, but also undergoes continuing training in the latest methods and technology during the whole of his working life. This extends even to things such as the latest ideas on customer service, not just the technical aspects of the job.

More Than Just Plumbing Skills

But we believe that being the best plumber in Wichita amounts to more than just skills at the job. To begin with, we think that you want someone carrying out your plumbing who wears a smart Best Plumberuniform, is friendly and polite, and recognizes that he is only in your home because you have a problem. You wouldn’t have him there otherwise. He will even put on shoe covers so that he doesn’t mess up your carpets.

We also think that being on time is vitally important. You want to know that when you call because there is water dripping through your ceiling and we tell you we will be there in half an hour that we WILL be there in half an hour. That is the reason we offer our famous “on time” guarantee. For every minute we are late, we pay YOU $5.00! No excuses, no stories about traffic delays: if we’re late we’ll pay you $5.00 per minute.

As you can imagine, we don’t really want to be paying our customers $5.00 a minute, so you can be certain that we make every effort to be with you on time.

Background Checks

You also want to know that our plumbers have no criminal records and that they don’t take drugs. That is why all of our plumbers have to undergo background checks before they can work for us, and they also have random drug tests while they wear the Ben Franklin uniform.

We cover Wichita and all the surrounding towns within a 30 mile radius so wherever you are in the Wichita area you can have the best plumber in Wichita taking care of your problem.

That’s what we mean by being the best plumber in Wichita: courteous service, years of expertise, punctuality, and the security of knowing that your plumbing job has been done to the highest standard and will be right first time.

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