Trenchless Sewer Replacement In Wichita And the Surrounding Towns

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Our sewers are not something that we like to think about every day. Indeed, in most homes throughout the Wichita area we don’t think about them ever – until they go wrong and get clogged up for one reason or another. But we are the first to admit that sewers are not a topic of everyday conversation.

Unless you are Ben Franklin, of course. Here we think about and talk about sewers every day, because it’s part of our job to sort them out when they go wrong. Most homeowners call us in a panic about clogged and leaking sewers – and quite rightly: it can be very worrying for the man in the street who has no idea what to do.

Only One Answer

In days gone by there was only one answer. Dig out the clogged up and/or leaking sewers and replace them with new pipes. What else? This meant days of digging up your yard with the Sewer Line Replacementcommensurate unholy mess that accompanied it. That was until some bright spark came up with a novel way of achieving the same end WITHOUT digging any trenches in your yard.

Enter the world of trenchless sewer line replacement. New sewer – no trenches! This is a great service in many of the aging homes as in communities like Wichita, Derby, and Bel Aire, Kansas – wherever you live in central Kansas.

Unless you are a qualified plumber (we are of course) you are probably sitting there thinking “how the h*** does that work?”

Let Us Explain How Sewer Line Replacements Work

Let us explain. When we have done so, you will realize how relatively simple it all is, although it does involve a tricky piece of technology.

The first thing to realize is that no two sewer replacement jobs are the same. The first thing that we do is to inspect your sewer with a camera which transfers images to our engineer’s van so that he can assess the extent of the damage. Once that is done, the engineer can decide upon the best way to tackle the problem.

Basically, trenchless sewer replacement involves placing a new sewer INSIDE the old damaged sewer. This is done using a special liner which is coated with a particular resin and then inserted into the old sewer pipe. As it is placed into the pipe it is turned inside out and forced along the pipe by water or air pressure. The resin then bonds the liner to the pipe effectively forming a new pipe inside the old one.

Clever, Huh?

You now have a new sewer which can last for up to 120 years, so as far as you are concerned you will never have a problem with it again.

There are certain things to take into consideration with trenchless sewer replacement, such as pipe diameter (it can be as little as four inches or up to 2.5 meters in a big culvert), length of pipe, type of pipe, and so on, but that’s our problem.

All you need to know is that your sewer can be replaced without any mess, quickly and at the least possible cost.

For a meeting to talk about trenchless sewer replacement in your yard, call us now. We are the experts.

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