When You Need A Wichita Plumber, Why Should You Choose Us?

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There are quite a lot of Wichita, Kansas, plumbing companies, so when you need a plumber, why should you choose Ben Franklin?

We’d like to say that it is because we go the extra mile, but that needs a bit of explanation.

the best plumbers in Wichita

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To begin with, every one of or plumbers is licensed and has many years of experience. We simply do not employ trainees because we believe our customers deserve nothing short of the best. All of our plumbers are dressed in a smart uniform, and will even put on shoe covers before entering your home. They are friendly and courteous, and they don’t do drugs. In fact, they all have a background check before we hire them, and they are subject to random drug tests.

On Time Plumbers for Central Kansas Punctuality

Our plumbers arrive on time, and you certainly cannot say that about all Wichita, Kansas, plumbing companies. We respect your time to the extent that we will pay you $5.00 for every minute that we arrive late: our slogan is “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay”.

We can undertake any sort of plumbing work from the simplest of washer replacement on a faucet to installation of a complete new sewer line, which can be trenchless if you don’t want your beautiful yard dug up. We can install new gas lines for gas cooktops, ranges, dryers, outside BBQ grills, swimming pool heaters, space heaters, furnaces or any other gas appliance. We also find leaks in existing gas lines and repair them as needed.

We can install conventional tank-type water heaters in electric, natural gas, or propane and give you a lifetime guarantee, or we can repair all makes of tank water heaters. The same applies to tankless systems which we can install for the whole house or just point of use. These are up to 50% less than the cost of tank-type water heaters, and you can shower all day but you can’t run out of hot water.

We work on and repair all makes and types of toilets, and we can install low-flow guaranteed flush toilets or our low-flow dual flush toilet which uses only 1 gallon when you go #1 or 1.6 gallons otherwise. We also install all types of pump systems such as sump pumps which are ultra-quiet and don’t make that thumping sound when they shut off. We can also install a battery back-up that kicks in if or when you lose power to your home. We can even install water-powered pumps that don’t need electricity but run on the city’s water supply.

We are one of the few Wichita, Kansas, plumbing companies that provide a full 24 hour, 365 day service. We are here for you at three in the afternoon or three in the morning.

Those are just some reasons why you should choose Ben Franklin. Read our reviews, and you will find more.

Photo credit: bradleypjohnson via Foter.com / CC BY

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