Drain Cleaning In Wichita Is Often A Simple Job

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As a Wichita based licensed plumbing company we get called upon to undertake work such as repairing or replacing gas lines and sewer lines. If we’re honest, we love those sorts of job because they are big and they bring in lots of revenue.

However, they are not the bread and butter of our industry. Far more common are things such as Wichita drain cleaning which we are called out to do all the time. The problem with drains is that things go down them every day that shouldn’t be there.

Drain cleaning in Wichita.

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Left over bits of food, grease, oil, etc., all go down the drain and can gradually start to build up over a period of time. The first time you know about it is when the sink or shower starts to drain more slowly.

That’s the time to call us in before the blockage builds up to the point where the water won’t drain away at all. Wichita drain cleaning, by and large, is a fairly simple job for us. Much of it is caused by FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease). Think about it: when you pour hot oil or fat down the sink after cooking it seems to flow away very nicely. However, as it moves further down the drain it begins to cool, and at that point will start to stick to the drainpipe.

Human Hair: A Common Cause of Drain Clogging

Another cause of blockages in the drain pipe is human hair from the bathtub or shower. We lose about 100 hairs every day and many of those go down the drain. Those can also begin to form a blockage and will stick to any FOG that is building up, gradually adding to the problem over time.

The good news is that most of the time we can sort the problem out on the spot with our Wichita drain cleaning service. However, your blocked drain may be a symptom of a deeper problem and may require a sewer line repair – or even replacement. We employ a special CCTV camera that we can send down your drain in order to inspect it and see exactly what the problem is. We can even make a video of it to show you.

Another quite common problem in older drains is a build-up of tree roots. With recent dry years, the trees have become very “aggressive” here in Wichita. If you have trees in your yard the roots will constantly be searching for water, and your drain is a very good source. If the drain pipe becomes cracked – perhaps as a result of earth movement – the tree roots can get inside the drain and over time can block it completely.

In this case we have a special piece of equipment with a variety of cutting heads that we can send into the drain to cut out the roots.

So if your drain is blocked, don’t panic. Call in the Wichita drain cleaning experts – that’s us – and let us fix it for you.

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