Toilet Not Working? Get A New One With Toilet Installation for Wichita Homes & Businesses

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A toilet that is not working as it should do can be a source of constant irritation. For example, it may not be flushing properly, or it may have a hairline crack and be beginning to leak. The cistern may need a new handle, flapper, or fill valve. The bowl could have become scratched through constant cleaning. The cistern may also have developed a leak. It may simply look old and not be aesthetically pleasing in your bathroom.

Some of the older low flush toilets have an unpleasant tendency to clog up and require plunging every week. They also often require more than one flush, so the water saving you thought you were getting is negated. We’re the experts at toilet repair, repairing literally hundreds of them all across Wichita and central Kansas, so give us a call!

Benjamin Franklin Pumbing – The Experts For Toilet Installation and Repairs

For any of these reasons or more, for toilet installation Wichita, we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are your local experts. The latest toilets have advanced considerably over those of thirty or forty years ago, andToilet Repair you can now get them with soft close seats and lids. This prevents the kids (or anyone else, for that matter) from banging the lid on to the bowl creating a loud noise, which can also lead to possible damage to the toilet bowl.

Save Money on a New Toilet Installation in Wichita, KS

Simply saving water could be a very good reason for new toilet installation Wichita. If you do not already have a low-flush toilet you could save quite a bit on your water bill every year by installing a new one. The latest low-flush toilets use less than two gallons of water for each flush, which is 50% better than the older three gallon toilets and 150% less than some toilets which use five gallons per flush. A new toilet installation Wichita can pay for itself very quickly indeed, and just continue to save you money for years thereafter.

Installation of a new toilet in Wichita causes very little disruption, and our expert plumbers can carry out the work in less than one day.

You can now also buy pressure assisted flushing toilets which are proven to clean the bowl more efficiently than a gravity fed tank. The way that these work is that water is fed into the tank which rises to fill it, and as it does so the air above it is compressed. When the toilet is flushed the compressed air forces the water into the bowl at greater speed than a gravity unit, leading to better and faster cleaning.

So don’t put up with a toilet that isn’t working correctly any longer. Call Benjamin Franklin for toilet repair and installation in Wichita and environs, and you will soon be flushed with pride.

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