Clogged Drains In Wichita Are A Real Pain In the Neck!

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One of the worst things that can happen in your home is that your drain becomes blocked. At this point you will need drain cleaning Wichita – and that’s what we do.

All sorts of different things can lead to blocked drains in Wichita. For instance, in a recent case we found a tennis ball blocking a drain. The pipe had become bent a little out of shape – possibly because of tree roots pushing down on it – and the tennis ball became stuck causing a blockage and waste water to back up. To this day, the householders are wondering how the tennis ball got there, because nobody in the house played tennis!

The Cause Doesn’t Matter: The Solution to a Clogged Drain is Us

Clogged Drain

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Of course, it really doesn’t matter what it is that causes a blocked drain, it is the result which causes so much misery. This is the reason that more and more of our customers throughout the Wichita area are signing up for our preventive maintenance service.

When you think about this, it makes good sense. You don’t wait until the engine in your car blows up because it has run out of oil: you prevent it happening by topping up the oil when necessary. Equally, you take your car in for a complete service on a regular basis. It makes sense to do the same with your drains. Rather than wait until you desperately need drain cleaning Wichita, wouldn’t it be better to take measures that prevent you needing it at all?

Emergency Drain Cleaning Wichita

However, if you do need drain cleaning Wichita in an emergency, we have all of the necessary equipment and experience to sort out any problem, no matter what the cause. We have cameras that we can send down your drains to inspect them – and even make a DVD to show you the problem. We have tree root cutters that go into your drains and cut tree roots, thus unblocking the drain again. We have high-pressure water jetting equipment. Whatever the problem, Ben Franklin can fix it.

Inside the home we can clear kitchen sink drains, washing machine drains, toilet drains, bath and shower drains, dishwasher drains – in fact, any drain at all that goes into the main sewer.

We can also replace a leaking drain with our trenchless drain replacement service. There’s no need to dig up your whole yard since we can give you a new drain without ever lifting a spade or shovel.

Of course, we always think prevention is better than cure which is why we recommend our preventive maintenance service, but if you unfortunately should need drain cleaning Wichita you can rest assured that Ben Franklin is here at the ready for you.

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