No Wichita Resident Ever Worries About Their Toilet Until it Doesn’t Flush

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You probably don’t think much about what happens after you flush the toilet. Or rinse the dishes. Or take a shower. Well, that all flows out into the Wichita sewer system. Out of sight out of mind. Until it isn’t. And the toilet won’t flush at one in the morning. Or the sink won’t empty.We repair sewer lines in Wichita.

If you have a problem, here’s something else you probably haven’t thought of: generally speaking the sewer line FROM your house TO the Wichita city line is YOUR PROBLEM. Many people believe that the sewer line is the responsibility of the city, but it is only the MAIN sewer line that the city takes care of. Your sewer line is your sewer line, and at Ben Franklin we can help with sewer line repair in Wichita.

All sorts of things can get into the sewer line, especially if you have young kid around the home. Who knows what they might decide to flush down the toilet? We recently found a tennis ball blocking a sewer pipe. What had happened was that earth movement had caused the pipe to bend a little, and the tennis ball couldn’t get past the dented part. The odd thing was that nobody in the house played tennis!

Tree Roots and Central Kansas

Another thing that very often blocks sewer lines and calls for sewer line repair in Wichita is tree roots. If you get a crack in a sewer pipe and you have trees in the yard, the roots will quickly find it because they are always looking for water, and your sewer line is a very good source. Tree roots can very rapidly build up and block the line.  Central Kansas, with our on-again, off-again rainfall, means tree roots grow deep and fast.

When we get called out for sewer line repair in Wichita, we have a CCTV camera that we can send down the line in order to find out what is causing the trouble. We can even make a DVD of it to show you.

Once we know what the trouble is, we can carry out whatever work is needed to fix it. If it is tree roots, we have a tool on our trucks which has several cutting heads and can cut the roots away.

We can also completely replace your sewer line. Nothing lasts forever, and that goes for sewers as well. However, the good news is that we don’t have to dig up your yard and ruin all your lovely plants because we can carry out trenchless sewer replacement. Yes, we have a system that lets us replace your sewer line without digging a long trench. So you can have a new sewer AND keep all your plants.

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