What’s Blocking Your Derby Sewer Line? It Could Be Tree Roots

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If you find that your basement is filling with water and your toilet won’t flush away properly it is usually the case that your sewer line is blocked. This could be caused by a foreign object having been flushed down the toilet, but the more likely cause is that the sewer line is blocked by Derby’s famous tree roots.Sewer Line Repair

Furthermore, if the blockage is in the sewer lateral and not in the main sewer it is the responsibility of the homeowner. A sewer lateral is that part of the sewer that runs from your foundations out to the main sewer in the street. If other people in your street are also suffering from sewer problems then the trouble is likely to be in the main sewer, so you should call the city. However, if your home is the only one experiencing problems then it is highly likely that the issue is in your sewer lateral so you will need our Derby Kansas sewer line service.

Wichita’s Famous Trees Drink A Lot Of Water

It is a fact of nature that trees drink water – quite a lot of it as it happens. On a hot day in summer an acre of beech trees will lift no less than seven tons of water! Of course, a tree accesses water through its roots and your sewer lateral has plenty of water running through it. The slightest crack in the sewer pipe will leak water into the surrounding soil and any tree nearby will send its’ roots over to investigate. It is particularly the case that the older type of clay pipe sewer line is more susceptible to cracking than a modern one.

Fortunately, our Derby Kansas sewer line service can resolve the problem for you. The first thing to do is to ascertain the cause of the problem, and in order to do this we will send a video camera down into your sewer pipe which will show us where the problem is and what is causing it. We can even make a DVD of it so that you can see for yourself.

If the cause is shown to be tree roots growing inside the sewer pipe all of our trucks have a powerful machine that can run up to 100’ of cable. We have several different cutter heads which can be attached in order to cut out the tree roots. We can then use a hydrojet in order to clear away any debris.

However, the best way to deal with any sewer line problem is to tackle it before it becomes a problem. You can join our sewer line maintenance program where we come out regularly to inspect your sewer lateral with the video camera and carry out line cleaning. That way you can prevent any unpleasant surprizes and you shouldn’t need to use our Derby Kansas sewer line service in an emergency.

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