Some Things Can Be Scheduled, But Emergencies Can’t

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It’s a fact that many things in life can be scheduled, such as getting your carpets cleaned, getting someone to mow the lawn, having the car serviced – the list goes on. Even many plumbing jobs can be scheduled, such as installing a shower or fitting some new taps.

Emergency plumbing in Wichita.

However, there are some things in plumbing which cannot possibly be scheduled. When you get a burst pipe at three in the morning and you have water dripping through the kitchen ceiling there is no time to lose. You can’t just leave it until Wichita wakes up, and then call a plumber in the hope that he will be able to get to you at some time the same day! You need emergency plumbing Wichita, and you need it now – even if it is three in the morning. In fact, the same thing applies even if it is two in the afternoon.

A Genuine 24/7/365 Emergency Plumbing Service

This is why, at Benjamin Franklin, we operate a genuine 24/7/365 service for emergency plumbing in Wichita and throughout central Kansas. The majority of plumbers in the Wichita area don’t offer such a service, but we do because we understand that when water is coming through the ceiling, the toilet won’t flush, or the shower won’t drain, Wichita residents need to be able to rely on us to get one of our expert technicians out to them FAST in order to resolve the problem.

It really doesn’t matter what the problem is. If it has anything to do with water or gas and it’s an emergency then all you need to do is to call us on 316-858-5985 and we will have someone on his way to you within minutes. Wherever you happen to live or work in Wichita and the surrounding area we have you covered. That includes the smaller cities such as Goddard, Colwich, and Augusta as Kansas cities for example.

No Trainees: Just Amazing Plumbers

Our technicians are all experts in every aspect of plumbing and emergencies and have spent many years honing their skills. We know that Benjamin Franklin customers deserve the best that there is and that is what we provide. It’s for that reason that we don’t hire trainees. When you need emergency plumbing Wichita you want to know that you can trust the man who arrives at your door to get you out of trouble fast.

Furthermore, all of our trucks carry just about every conceivable piece of equipment and spare parts that could possibly be needed to resolve your problem, no matter what may be the cause.

It’s a great idea to keep our emergency number in the directory of your mobile or tablet which is what a lot of our customers do. You may never need it, but if an emergency arises you won’t have to start searching on Google at three in the morning. Just select Ben Franklin from the directory and click to call. That number again: 316-858-5985.

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