Are You In Need Of Emergency Plumbing In Andover?

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Emergencies know no city boundaries. While Wichita has a population of close to 400,000 and is obviously the source of the majority of our emergency plumber call-outs, that doesn’t mean that emergencies don’t occur anywhere else. Emergency plumber in AndoverThey crop up all over the place – and ALWAYS at the moment you least expect them.

Indeed, that is why they are emergencies. If you could plan ahead for them it wouldn’t be so bad, but the simple fact is that you can’t. How could you possibly know that at 2.30 am when you are fast asleep there would suddenly be water dripping on your face from the ceiling above? That’s when you need an emergency plumber in Andover KS – and you need one fast. There’s no time to hang about booting up your laptop and searching on Google. This is why we recommend storing our emergency number – 316-858-5985 – in the directory of your mobile. In one way, we hope you never need it, but the good news is that we are here for you if you do.

On 24 Hour Call as Andover’s #1 Emergency Plumber Service

Our emergency plumber in Andover KS is on 24 hour call- even though we are not based in Andover but in Wichita. If the worst happens, we can usually get to Andover in 30 minutes or so – day or night – and we don’t think you will find another emergency plumber in Andover who can get to you faster than that. Let’s be honest, if the water is dripping through the bedroom ceiling, or the toilet won’t flush, you need someone to sort it out for you fast, which is why we are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year – and 366 in a leap year! Yes, even if it’s mid-day on Thanksgiving when everyone else is cooking the turkey, complete with the cranberry sauce, we are still open and here to help you!

No matter what time of day or night you have a plumbing emergency, simply call us and we promise that we will be on our way. Our emergency plumber in Andover KS may not actually be in Andover at the time of your call but that is not a problem. You can be assured that our expert technicians are on call at all times, because a plumbing emergency is one of the worst things that could happen to most homeowners. The same thing applies to business owners too.

Yes, we grant you that having a building on fire is possibly worse, but that aside a plumbing emergency is equally capable of destroying your furniture and ultimately your home. So don’t hesitate. Add our emergency number – 316-858-5985 – to your mobile right now.

You may never need it. But if you do you will be very glad that you took our advice.

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