Hot Water In Haysville? Yes, If We Fix Your Water Heater

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One of the worst things that can happen in a home in Haysville is for the water heater to fail. Suddenly, you can’t have a shower, you can’t wash up, you can’t take a bath, and you may not be able to do your laundry. It wasn’t so long ago that a mobile phone was a luxury, but now it’s a necessity. Can you imagine life without yours? That’s what they would have said in the early 20th century about hot water, and water heaters.
A Bath Tub In The Kitchen

The same thing applies to water heaters, although over a different time scale. At the end of the Second World War many families still relied on having a bath in a tub in the kitchen which was filled

Water Heater Repair

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with hot water from a pan or kettle on the stove or range – often on a Friday night – and then all the family would have a bath in it one after the other. Can you just imagine that? Anyone who had a “new-fangled” water heater was considered to be out of the ordinary!

Today, of course, it’s an absolute necessity. Most of us take a bath or shower every day, so when you need water heater repair in Haysville you can trust Benjamin Franklin to come to your rescue. You need it fixed and you need it fixed now.

Our expert technicians carry out water heater repair in Haysville on a daily basis, and can repair any type of water heater, whether it is electric, gas powered, solar, tankless, a hybrid, or heat pump powered.

Never Try A DIY Repair of a Water Heater!

One thing you should never do is to try water heater repair at home yourself. Some things around the home such as decorating or gardening may well be a DIY project, but repairing water heaters is not on the list. In fact, under some circumstances, trying to repair a faulty water heater by yourself could be extremely dangerous.

How do you know if your water heater is causing problems, apart from the fact that you are not getting any hot water?

If you see any signs of leaks or water on the floor, then you need water heater repair. Should you hear a rumbling noise it may mean that there is sediment at the bottom of the tank which can create water bubbles which cause the noise. If you just don’t have enough hot water it could mean that your heater is too small for the workload you are putting on to it, but it could be one of a number of other causes as well.

So for all water heater repair in Haysville, Kansas, call in the experts – Benjamin Franklin. Our friendly technicians will have you up and running again in no time.

Photo credit: Timmy via / CC BY-SA

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