No Wichita Resident We Know Really Wants to Clean Out their Own Clogged Drain

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Few things are worse around the home than having a clogged drain. Whether it’s the shower that won’t drain properly, the kitchen sink, a washing machine, or a bathtub, it always seems to happen at the worst possible time, either at night or during the holidays. And you probably don’t want to start trying to unclog your drain yourself.A clogged drain in Wichita.
So you have to go frantically searching on Google for a 24 hour drain service, and you find some. Great! So you ring, but there’s no answer. Then you ring the next one and the same thing happens. That’s because there are plumbing companies who advertise a 24 hour service, but don’t actually provide one. Or they might do, but only have one plumber on duty and he’s out on another job that is going to take four hours.

At Ben Franklin we actually do provide a 24 hour service, and that goes for all the holidays as well – Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s – you name it, we are here for you.

Tree Roots in Central Kansas

There can be any number of reasons that you would need our drain service, but at Ben Franklin we can find out exactly what is causing the problem. We have CCTV cameras which we can send down your drain and find out what the problem is. Quite often, the cause is tree roots. If you have trees in your yard, or your neighbor does, those tree roots can go quite a long way in search of water, especially in the summer. Trees are very thirsty creatures. An acre of beech trees will lift seven tons of water in a single day in summer, which is a lot.

If you have any sort of crack in your drainpipe, those tree roots will find their way in and help themselves as you flush the water away. Over time, more and more roots will get in, and that is when you begin to notice that the water won’t drain away very fast.

That’s not a problem for Ben Franklin plumbers. Our trucks all carry everything needed to unclog your drains, including a special piece of equipment that has several different cutting heads and will cut away and remove those tree roots. Once we have cleared away the problem, we need to make sure that the roots don’t grow again, because they are still right next to your drainpipe. So we have a special herbicide that we send down the drain which will prevent them re-growing and causing the same problem.

Of course, there can be other causes of a clogged drain that won’t drain away properly, but fear not: Ben Franklin’s drain service will deal with them all.

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