At Ben Franklin, We love Wichita. But we Also Service the Smaller Cities in Central Kansas

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Wichita is the star of “Central Kansas” and we love the “big city”. However, as one of the leading Central Kansas plumbing companies we also service all the surrounding towns and cities such as Haysville, Derby, Goddard, Andover, Maize, Park City, and more. Central Kansas plumbing companies.We provide a 24-hour service to the whole of Central Kansas so whenever anything goes wrong with your plumbing, we are here for you. If it has gas or water in it, then we do it.

We have licensed, master, and journeyman plumbers on staff, and we do not employ any trainees. We believe that our customers want expertise, not someone who doesn’t know an electric water heater from a gas boiler, so we treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves.

If you have a faucet that is dripping it may only need a very quick fix. All our trucks carry a lot of spare parts for faucets and we service and replace all makes. We also carry spares for your outside hose faucet or well faucet. In addition, we can install an anti-freeze faucet. Because Wichita is in an area subject to freezing temperatures, your outside faucets can freeze and break, especially if you leave a hose attached to them. This is bad news if your faucet is above the basement because your basement will probably be flooded. An anti-freeze faucet won’t freeze, even if you do leave a hose attached to it.

Sump Pumps in Central Kansas

We also install sump pumps. All sump pumps will fail at some point, so you need a back-up sump pump that will kick in when that happens. We supply both battery powered and water powered sump pumps. Water powered are the best because they will run indefinitely, whereas a battery powered pump will run only until the battery goes flat. Water powered sump pumps run on the city’s water supply, so there is no battery and no charger to plug in. If you have an electric sump pump, it stops working when there is a power failure, so if you haven’t got a back-up water powered pump, we can install one for you so that you don’t get a flooded basement.

As one of the leading Central Kansas plumbing companies we can also supply and install tankless water heaters. These are great because they save energy since they don’t keep heating the water like a tank does. They only heat the water as you run it and they can heat a shower or bathtub while you run hot water in the kitchen. They also save floor space because they hang on the wall, and you will typically save up to 40% on your energy bills as opposed to a tank type water heater.

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