Clogged Drain in Wichita? The Answer is Ben

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Lots of folks here in Central Kansas are DIYers. Do-It-Yourselfers, that is. And that’s fine when it’s something fun like remodeling your kitchen or building a deck. However, do you really want to spend all Saturday in the muck unclogging your drain?Unclogging a drain in Wichita.

Not if you’ve got any sense. When that happens, it’s time to call the professionals. That would be us, because we provide a drain unclogging service that you can call upon at any time. At Ben Franklin Plumbing Wichita, we are champion drain uncloggers!

That’s because we not only have the training, but we also have all the right tools to use with our drain unclogging service. Yes, that’s right: not only do you need the skills when it comes to unclogging a drain, but you also need a number of tools that no DIYer will have.

We’re Not Kidding on That Drain

Think we’re kidding? Have you got a CCTV camera that you can send 100 feet down your drain to find out what it is that causing the clog? And in the very unlikely event that you have, and you discover that your drain is full of tree roots about 80 yards away from the house, what are you going to do about it? Crawl down the drain with a sharp knife? Dig a very deep hole in the lawn and cut the tree roots away from the outside? And even if you do that and it only takes you all of Saturday and half of Sunday, what are you going to do about the tree roots that are still inside the drain and still clogging it?

Not only that, but all the while you are attempting this DIY approach you can’t wash up, have a shower, or even clean your teeth, because the water still won’t run away!

This is why you need the drain unclogging service that we provide at Ben Franklin. To begin with, we have a CCTV camera that we can send down the drain to find out what the problem is. Quite often the problem is tree roots, but it doesn’t have to be. It could simply be a build-up of grease and fat that you have poured down the sink. That can congeal in the drain and cause a build up of other debris. Hair can catch in things and gradually cause a build-up, and another thing is kids’ toys! Oh yes. Those little monsters can flush anything down the toilet!

Wichita’s Best-in-class Drain Unclogging Service

At Ben Franklin we have all of the tools that are needed to find out what is causing the problem and then to fix it for you. Far better to let us do it for you than waste the weekend and still not get it fixed!

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