Hey, Wichita: You Probably Don’t Think About What’s “In” Your Sewer, But You Don’t Have To – That’s Our Problem

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If you are like most Wichita residents, you probably never give a thought to your sewer pipe. It is just one of those things that is “there” and all the while it is doing its’ job there is no need to worry about it. It is only when it goes wrong and you need a sewer cleaning service that it suddenly switches from something you never think about to top priority! Now it is the most urgent thing in your life and needs dealing with immediately – if not sooner!

Luckily for you, Ben Franklin Plumbing are the experts at providing Wichita with a sewer cleaning service second to none. We have all the equipment and training needed to get to the root of the problem – and that is what it often is: tree roots.

Trees Need Water

Trees have a desperate need for water, and if you have trees in your yard you can guarantee that their roots will spread out searching for water wherever they can find it. Shrubs and bushes will do the same thing on a lesser scale. If your sewer pipe has a crack or a small hole – which can easily occur if the ground shifts a little because of heavy rainfall, or no rainfall causing it to dry out – those tree roots will seek out a nearby source of water which is where? You guessed it. Your sewer pipe has water running through it on and off all day and those tree roots will worm their way in and grow ever bigger.

Incidentally, that will cause any cracks to get bigger so that even more tree roots can find their way in.

Soaking up the water, these roots will eventually block the whole of your sewer pipe, causing it to back up, which is not a nice thing to happen. Sadly, you won’t know about it until it actually occurs.

CCTV Cameras for Sewer Line Repair in Wichita

Our Wichita-based plumbers have CCTV cameras which they can send down your sewer pipe to investigate any problem. We have machines with a variety of cutting heads which can cut off the roots, and we can also send down a herbicide which will stop them re-growing.Sewer Repair Service Wichita

It’s not just tree roots that cause problems in a sewer pipe. There are other things which can create a problem, but our sewer cleaning service can deal with them all.

Certainly, we understand that it can come as a shock when your sewer pipe stops functioning as normal, and you can’t begin to imagine why your toilet won’t flush, but these things happen.

The good news is that Ben Franklin Plumbing is here to help and we can guarantee to resolve the problem, whatever the cause. Just call our emergency number – (316) 858-5985 and help is on its’ way!

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