Wichita Sewer Line Repair is Not Important Until The Sewer Gets Stopped

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The average person in Wichita and the surrounding towns never thinks about sewer line service until the sewer gets stopped. Let’s face it, the sewer line is just “there” and all the while it is functioning as it should do we don’t give it a second thought.

That’s not quite true, because at Ben Franklin we think about sewer line service in Wichita on a daily basis. That’s because it’s our job. We carry out sewer line service somewhere in Wichita and all the surrounding towns such as Andover, Haysville, Derby, Goddard, Maize, Bentley, and Augusta every working day. There is always a sewer line that needs our attention somewhere or other.sewer line repair

All The Necessary Equipment for Repairing a Sewer Line

Our trucks carry all the necessary equipment to take care of every possible problem in your sewer line. We can run a video camera down your sewer to find out exactly what is causing the problem, and we can even make a DVD of it to show you. This way you will know for sure what the problem is, and then you can decide whether it is best to repair it or replace it.

When your sewer line gets blocked by those tree roots, we have a machine that can run up to 100’ of cable. It has several different types of cutter heads for clearing away those roots and getting everything running smoothly again. We can also repair or replace your sewer line clean-out which you must have by City of Wichita code.

In addition, at Ben Franklin we offer a maintenance service for your sewer line where we come out and inspect your sewer on a regular basis so that you don’t have any nasty surprises when you have guests visiting. Sewer lines have a habit of stopping at the most inconvenient times!

Sewer Line Location and Replacement

If you are thinking of adding an extension to your home, or maybe installing a pool or an ornamental pond, but you have no idea where the sewer line runs, we can come out with our locating equipment and tell you exactly where it is within a matter of inches, and how far down it is. That is vital information before you start any digging.

When the time comes for that old sewer line to be replaced, we also offer trenchless sewer replacement so that you don’t have to have your beautiful yard dug up.

Don’t leave it until your sewer line gets blocked. As we said, sewer line service in Wichita is not something that most people consider until the worst happens. We thoroughly encourage you to join our maintenance plan and let us inspect your sewer for your own peace of mind.

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