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The water in Wichita is not great. Certainly, it is safe, but unfortunately it is hard, and that means that it doesn’t taste great because it has a lot of minerals in it. Installing a water softener in Wichita.It also means that those minerals can clog up your appliances – washing machine, dishwasher, and so on – and as a result they will have a much shorter life than they should do. Who wants to spend good money on a washing machine and then find that in three years’ time you have to replace it again? Hard water isn’t so good for you to drink, either.

An Answer to the ‘Plumber Near Me’ Question

Fortunately, there is an answer to the problem and that is water softener installation in Wichita. This removes the calcium and magnesium that are in the water and cause the hardness.

When water is in the ground it collects soluble parts of whatever it happens to pass through, and that will vary depending on the area and the type of soil. The biggest culprits are calcium and magnesium, and these are what need to be removed. Hard water causes soap to be less effective because it combines with the minerals and doesn’t dissolve so much, which is why you need more soap in hard water than soft. It can actually make washing less effective. Equally, in the washing machine, hard water can cause the soap curd to work its’ way into your clothes which can keep dirt trapped in the fibers and make the material feel stiffer and rougher.

This can also cause a build-up of film on your bath and shower and result in soap spots on dishes and even the family car.

Perhaps worse still, the minerals can build up in your pipes and appliances, reducing water flow to faucets, and producing scale on appliances which reduces their lifespan. All of which is not good, and all of which can be fixed by water softener installation in Wichita.

All water softeners work on the same principle which is trading the minerals in the water for something else, usually sodium. This process is called ion exchange. We could go into some detail about how the process works, but it is not important just so long as it does work.

Most water softeners have an automatic regenerating system during which the system is flushed and recharged on a regular timescale. During this process, soft water is not available, but it is usually set to occur during the night when you probably don’t want it anyway.

For further details of water softener installation in Wichita click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page or call (316) 858-5985.

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