If You are Looking for a Plumber “near me”, it Doesn’t Matter. You want the BEST.

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The “near me” search has exploded on Google. Everyone wants everything “near me” or “near you,” so to speak. As for example, “plumber near me,” or “sewer line repair service near me.” You need the best plumber, not the nearestBut really? Does it matter where WE are? It matters that we service your town and know what we’re doing. So stop searching for “plumber near me” and search for “best plumber in Wichita” instead and then you will find us.

It’s a fact. If you search for “plumber near me” you might find that there is one in the next street to where you live. So what? He might be a very good plumber, and then again, he might be rubbish. He might offer a 24 hour service, and then again, he almost certainly does not. Very few plumbers in Wichita do provide a 24 hour service. That’s not much good to you if you are woken up in the night by water dripping through the bedroom ceiling. You want a plumber who provides a 24 hour service and can get to you fast, not one who lives in the next street and is in the land of nod! That would be us at Ben Franklin: we are on call 24 hours a day every day of the year, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, or any other day.

We Do Everything

What’s more, at Ben Franklin we do everything. If it has water or gas running through it, we fix it. Suppose you have a water leak under your concrete drive? In many instances, people just give up and relocate the water lines, but why do that if you can find the leak and fix it? We have a piece of kit which will locate water leaks under concrete, which we can then fix. Can your plumber in the next street do that?

What about broken washer hoses? They are the most common cause of water damage in the home. Why take that risk, particularly if your machine is a few years old? We can replace your black rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel ones which are guaranteed not to leak.

Do you need a sump pump? At Ben Franklin we install heavy-duty cast iron sump pumps which are so quiet you won’t even know they are there. We also have a battery back-up system that kicks in if you lose your power to the home so that you can keep pumping. We can also install water-powered sump pumps that run off the city’s water supply and need no electricity or battery.

So if you need a plumber, don’t search for a plumber “near me”. Look for the best one instead.

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