Yes, We’re Based In The “Big City” Of Wichita, But We Still Service Derby

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When you need Derby, KS, plumbing services you might look on Google for a “local” plumber. The trouble is that there are not all that many plumbers in Derby and most of the ones that are there are quite small one-man businesses. This means that they may not be able to attend to your needs immediately and if it comes to an emergency most of them don’t provide a 24 hour service.

No Time to Start Searching On Google for a Derby, Kansas, Plumber

So who do you call if its 3.00 am and you find that you have a major leak? You haven’t got the time to log on to Google or Yahoo! and start calling numbers only to be answered by a machine. You call Ben Franklin Plumbing – that’s who! We offer a genuine 24 hour service 365 days a year (366 if it happens to be a leap year). Sure, we’re based in Wichita but we’re only 12 miles away and we can get to you in less than half an hour. That’s quicker than a plumber who lives in Derby. By the time he’s got out of bed, got dressed, and loaded up his van, we’ll be with you!

Not Just Emergencies in Derby

It’s not just emergencies that we can handle fast, either. Whatever Derby, KS, plumbing services you need, we can help. Furthermore, for all standard work – repairs and installations – we price by the job, not by the hour. We think this is a far better deal for the customer, especially since all our plumbers are highly-skilled technicians with years of experience behind them. We don’t employ trainees.

This is the way it works. Many plumbers price by the hour plus parts. That means that if you call them in for a standard Derby, KS, plumbing job and it takes them two hours, you pay for two hours work. The same job carried out by one of our experts might take one hour. So having the work carried out by a less skilled plumber would have cost you twice as much!

What’s more, by taking the “time” element out of our pricing, our plumbers don’t feel any need to rush to finish a job. If it takes a bit longer than he thought it would he is not under any pressure.

So you see, although you live or work in Derby, you can have the best of the best for all plumbing jobs, emergency or not. Our plumbers have been awarded the Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice Award for best plumbing service for the last six years – 2011 to 2016 inclusive!

Don’t settle for second best – call Ben Franklin.

Derby Kansas Plumber

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