Drain Cleaning: The Best Emergency Plumber In Andover Is In Wichita

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When you have a blocked drain in Andover – or for that matter anywhere else around Wichita – the truth is that you want emergency plumbers, Andover KS, that will treat your call as URGENT. The problem with a blocked drain is that by the time that you realize that it’s blocked you are already in trouble. You certainly don’t want to be hanging around for half a day waiting for a plumber to show up.

Don’t Waste Time Talking To A Computer!

Or worse, waste time searching on Google at two in the morning trying desperately to find a plumber that actually answers the phone, rather than talking to an answering machine or – heaven forbid – one of those ghastly computers that thinks it knows what you want, but doesn’t. On that note, it’s a very good idea to do what a lot of people in Andover have done, and that’s to put our phone number in the directory of your mobile: that way, if the worst ever happens to you, all you need to do is press a button to call us.

In any event, Andover is a small town, and it is quite possible that there are no local plumbers who offer an emergency service. Although we are actually based in Wichita (E. Kellogg Avenue, since you ask) we can get to Andover extremely quickly. In addition, we do something that – to the best of our knowledge – no other plumber in the country does, and that is we pay you $5.00 a minute if we are late. With a guarantee like that to honor, you can be pretty sure that we’ll turn up on time!

A Major Emergency: Your Plumbing Problem

When you need emergency plumbers, Andover, KS, because of a blocked drain, it really is a major emergency. If the water won’t drain out of your sink, or flush out of your toilet, the first you know about it is when that happens. Somewhere down the line there is a blockage and the water is now backing up, so you need to know that you are getting help from a company that understands exactly what it is doing and can provide the support you need fast.

All of the technicians at Ben Franklin are trained to the highest standards and have the experience to ascertain exactly what is causing the problem, Andover, Kansasand where, and they have the skills and equipment to clear the blockage and get the water flowing again quickly, and with no fuss.

So when you need emergency plumbers, Andover, KS, don’t go looking in Andover. Call Ben Franklin in Wichita, and we’ll be with you in a flash.

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