Commercial plumbers in Wichita. Residential plumbers. What’s the difference?

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Oh dear me! We could get into some trouble here. Most people won’t understand the word “dichotomy”. Hardly surprising, because it is derived from the Greek “dichotomia” meaning “a cutting in half”.    If you look it up in a dictionary, it just means “a disagreement”. So you could simply say that if I like fillet steak and you don’t then there is a dichotomy. We disagree.

So a false dichotomy is perhaps something that we disagree about, but yet we could both be wrong! Maybe we even agree, although we think we don’t!

So when applied to plumbers, which is what we are, what is the false dichotomy about commercial plumbers and residential plumbers? Is there some sort of difference between a residential plumber and a commercial one in Wichita?

Even More Tricky: Commercial vs. Residential and Where they Work

This is going to get even more tricky, because the answer is “yes and no”. You might say that residential plumbers only work in private homes, whereas commercial ones only work in business Commercial Plumberpremises. That is quite possible.

It is largely a question of scale.

Let’s take driving, as an example. If you drive a car you are driving a relatively small vehicle compared with driving a 32-tonne truck. However, both activities cover the same thing. Both involve a steering wheel, brakes – you get the idea – yet one is a lot bigger than the other.

Much the same thing applies to plumbing in Wichita and the surrounding towns. Really!

A residential plumber may spend most of his working life in private homes, whereas a commercial plumber may spend most of his time in offices and factories. However, they are both doing the same thing. If the drains get blocked in a factory, it is much the same as if the drains get blocked in your home. They just need unblocking.

The Principle Is The Same

Sure, there may be many more drains in a factory or hotel than there are in your home, but the principle is exactly the same. It’s just that there is more of it in one situation than in another.

Yes, a residential plumber may be more used to installing bathrooms and kitchens than a commercial plumber who may spend a lot of time installing the plumbing required in a company actually manufacturing the bathroom or kitchen equipment, for instance. It’s just that one is bigger than the other. So really, there is no great dichotomy. Residential plumbers are much the same as commercial plumbers.

With Ben Franklin, you are in luck, as all of our Wichita plumbers can handle the smaller domestic jobs and can equally take care of much larger commercial jobs. We do not employ any trainees and let them work on our customers’ premises. We only ever employ fully qualified expert plumbers who can handle any situation.

So you can be assured that when you call us, whether you just need a new tap washer or you need the plumbing for a canteen for a new factory employing 1,000 people, there is no dichotomy here.

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