Toilet Repair in Goddard, Kansas – Don’t be Shy!

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Some folks in Goddard can be a bit shy. They are “Kansas proud” which means that they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. So they might be a bit bashful about admitting that their toilet isn’t quite right. They might even be embarrassed to admit that they can’t fix it themselves.Toilet Repair

However, it is nothing of which to be ashamed. Toilets DO go wrong: we should know because we fix them every day of the week. And when you need Goddard KS toilet repair you need it fast. Let’s face it: how long can you last without your toilet working?

What’s more is that the good news with a faulty toilet is that it is very often a simple matter to fix. We can work on any and all toilets whether one piece or two piece and however old they may be.

Perhaps It’s Time For A New Toilet

Of course, it may be that instead of Goddard KS toilet repair you have decided that it is time for a new toilet altogether. We supply and install standard low-flow toilets, and also the very latest “Guaranteed Flush” low-flow toilets. Better still, help the environment and help your pocket with our dual flush low flow toilet. This one flushes 1 gallon of water when you go #1 and 1.6 gallons when you go #2. In fact, it is such an excellent toilet that we made a video about it where you can watch us flushing everything from 5lbs of carrots to ½” 90° copper elbows! It’s a fun video to watch, even if you don’t want a new toilet just yet. Here is the link:

We can also supply and install wall mounted toilets and you might want to consider an automatic toilet instead of calling us in for Goddard KS toilet repair to that very old toilet of yours. These provide automatic washing and flushing and warm air drying all from one simple operation – so you will never need to buy toilet paper again! In effect they combine the functions of a toilet and a bidet together with warm drying air – they really are the height of luxury.

So whether you have a leaky cistern, the toilet won’t flush, or it will flush but only very slowly – don’t be embarrassed. Whatever the problem reach out to us. We will send one of our highly skilled engineers out straight away, because we know that you need a toilet that works, as does everyone.

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