No Real Emergencies In Haysville? In The Words Of John McEnroe, “You Cannot Be Serious?!”

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OK, Haysville, Kansas, is a relatively small town – with a population of less than 12,000. For that reason many people think that it doesn’t suffer from “emergencies”, and if by “emergencies” you mean crime, fires, and more, you’re probably right. Most of the time.

However, try telling that to any Haysville resident or businessman who has suffered from a backed-up sewer and you’ll hear a very different story! You don’t know the half of it!

Just imagine, if you can, flushing the toilet and the toilet doesn’t flush. It just fills up with water.

If you’re lucky.

If You’re Not Lucky, It Overflows: Emergency Plumbing Services for Haysville

If you’re not lucky, it overflows. It also backs up into the bath or the shower! Quite frankly, it doesn’t bear thinking about. If that’s not an emergency, we don’t know what is.

That’s why we are the Haysville, Ks, emergency plumbers, on call day and night for exactly these sorts of emergency. Sure, we may not have sirens going on our vans as the police, fire, and ambulance guys do, but we’re still an emergency service. We just don’t make a song and dance about it, but promise to get to you in Haysville as fast as we possibly can, whether it’s 2.00 in the afternoon or 2.00 in the morning.

Haysville Kansas Emergency Plumber

Photo credit: Kansas Poetry (Patrick) via / CC BY-ND

There’s no question that a blocked sewer IS an emergency, and one that needs attention fast. There can be a number of different reasons for blocked sewers, but one of the most common is tree roots. Trees need water to survive, and if you have trees in your yard one of the easiest places to find it is in your sewer pipe, because water is running through it constantly.

Tree Roots Are Strong and Can Block Your Sewer Line

Tree roots are amazingly strong and can burrow into the sewer pipe through the tiniest of cracks or gaps, gradually forcing their way in and eventually causing a total blockage.

As Haysville, Ks, emergency plumbers one of the weapons in our armory is a CCTV camera which we can send down into your sewer pipe to discover the cause of any blockage. We also have powerful machines that can run up to 100’ through your sewer line and cut out tree roots using a selection of different cutting heads to deal with even the most stubborn tree roots.

We can also use a herbicidal naturally based root killer which we can send down the sewer pipe and which will kill off the tree roots so that they cannot re-grow.

So fear not! Yes, it’s an emergency when your sewer backs up, but we are your local Haysville, Ks, emergency plumbers and we promise to solve your problem, whatever the cause.

Photo credit: Kansas Poetry (Patrick) via / CC BY-ND

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