Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Wichita. Yes, It’s Possible!

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Many people in Wichita believe that the sewer line is the responsibility of the City of Wichita Public Works, and it’s true – it is. However, the bad news is that the city is only responsible for the sewer main: the sewer line from your home to that main is your problem, so if it goes wrong you have to fix it.Trenchless sewer line repair from Ben Franklin of Wichita, Kansas, USA

When we say you have to fix it, we don’t mean that you have to start digging and sort it out. We mean that you are responsible for fixing it. We do the actual digging.

Or at least, we used to years ago, but today at Ben Franklin we use trenchless sewer repair Wichita, KS. Yes, we can repair your sewer without digging up your yard and ruining all your precious flower beds. We have all the latest hi-tech equipment, including a TV camera which we can run down your sewer so that we can see what the problem is. It could be that there is a crack in it which needs fixing, or it could be tree roots if you have trees in your yard or close by.

Trees are thirsty creatures and are always searching for water. Here’s a piece of useless information: did you know that an acre of beech can lift seven tons of water a day in the summer? That is a lot of water, and if those roots find a way into your sewer, you will need our trenchless sewer repair Wichita, KS.

Special Cutting Machine

We have a special machine which has several different cutting heads, and we can send this down your sewer line for as much as 100 feet and cut away those stubborn tree roots. Then we can treat the ends with a natural herbicide which will kill the roots off and stop them from growing again. All without digging up your yard.

We can even repair the sewer with a replacement sewer which in effect is a lateral lining system. This is a completely “dig-less” replacement for your sewer and we are the only plumbing company in Wichita to have this technology. We can also install, repair, or replace sewer line clean-outs. By City of Wichita code, your main sewer line must have a clean-out installed with which the line can be cleaned if it becomes blocked up.

Maybe there is nothing wrong with your sewer at all, but you just want to know where the sewer line runs because you want to install a pool or add an extension. We can use our sewer line locator which will tell you where the line runs within inches, and the depth as well. So whether you need trenchless sewer repair Wichita, KS, or any other service, Ben Franklin can do it.

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