A Cheap Plumber in Wichita or the Best Plumber in Wichita. Which Do You Really Want?

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Many people in Wichita go looking for a cheap Wichita plumber when they have a plumbing problem, but is that what you want? Do you really want a cheap plumber in Wichita? You know, an unlicensed one, or one that’s out on his or her first job? Really? You want to trust your pipes, your sanity, your sewer line to the cheapest guy or gal to do the job? We don’t think so. We’re not the cheapest plumber in Wichita here at Ben Franklin, but we are simply the best plumber in Wichita.

A cheap Wichita plumber.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you ever see that is the cheapest and the best, and that includes plumbing. It’s an “either/or” situation. You don’t get them both together.

A cheap plumber in Wichita won’t be on call 24 hours a day which is no problem at all until you have a water leak at half past eleven at night. At this time of night, a cheap plumber in Wichita will be tucked up in bed, but we’re not. No, it’s not “cheap” to call us at that time, but it’s a lot less than having your furniture and carpets all ruined.

We Don’t Use Cheap Equipment and We’re Not Cheap Plumbers

It is not cheap to use some of the equipment that we have at Ben Franklin that other plumbers don’t have. For instance, we have equipment that can replace your faulty sewer line without digging a hole anywhere, and we are the only plumber in Wichita to have that equipment. But we bought it because we believe that most people would prefer to have their sewer line replaced without having their beautiful yard dug up.

Our Wichita-based plumbers are all highly-trained engineers with many years of experience behind them, so they naturally command a higher salary than a trainee. However, we believe that you would prefer to have the services of a skilled craftsmen rather than a trainee, so we simply do not hire cheap trainees. What’s more, our plumbers are all drug-free and undergo random testing to make certain of it. They simply don’t “do” drugs, so the plumber who arrives at your door is dressed in a smart uniform, is polite, and respects your home to the point of putting on shoe covers before he enters.
As for our pricing, while we say we are not the cheapest plumbers in Wichita, we actually could be. This is because we price by the job, not by the hour. If our plumber can do a job in an hour where a cheap plumber takes two, it could well cost you less to use us. It also means that our plumbers are not under any pressure to finish a job, because it takes as long as it takes to do the job properly first time. So if you want the BEST plumbers in Wichita, then that’s us.

Photo credit: bradleypjohnson via Foter.com / CC BY

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