We Don’t Just Service Wichita as a Plumber: We Cover The Smaller Towns Too

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At Ben Franklin we are known as the best plumber in Wichita. It is not just us saying that – we have been voted Best Plumber In Wichita for the last six years running by the readers of the Wichita Eagle!best plumber in Wichita

However, because of that there are some people who believe that we only service the city. Not true! We also cover all of the smaller towns within a 30 mile radius of the city, and we love to get out and about into towns like Derby which is one of our favorites. So we are the best Derby KS plumbers too. In fact, we love to get away from the “big city” with all its noise and bustle: yes it has its’ advantages, but it is nice to get some peace and quiet for a change.

As your Derby KS plumbers we can tackle every plumbing job that you need. If your sink is blocked we can come out and clear it for you. Faucet leaking? There is nothing worse than that constant “drip, drip, drip” so don’t put up with it – we can fix it for you. Need a new bathroom installed? Yes, we can do that.

Home Addition May Include Sewer Line Repair Issues

Perhaps you are thinking of building an addition to your home or adding a garage, but you don’t know where the sewer line is. We have a piece of equipment that will tell us exactly where it runs and how far down it is, so that you don’t dig it up by accident.

Maybe you need a new water heater. We can install a new one for you. Alternatively you might consider a tankless water heater. These are great space savers because they hang on the wall, and they heat the water only when you turn on the faucet. So you eliminate the cost of keeping 50 gallons of water hot in a storage tank which reduces your energy bills considerably. What’s more, tankless heaters mean that you can’t ever run out of hot water no matter how much you use, and they will last for 20 – 30 years.

Maybe you need a new toilet. Our dual flush low-flow toilets will flush either 1 gallon or 1.6 gallons depending upon what you used the toilet for, so that saves money as well.

So yes, when you live in one of the towns surrounding the big city you can call Ben Franklin, the best plumber in Wichita, because we’re also the best Derby KS plumber, the best Haysville plumber, the best Goddard plumber, the best Andover plumber……you get the idea!

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