Wichita Sewer Service? You Don’t Think About It, Till You Do

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Most people in Wichita never think about their sewer line repairs, any more than they think about the electrical wiring in their home. It’s just something that is there and we don’t even notice it until something goes wrong.Sewer Line Repair

There are a lot of things that can cause sewer line problems. There could be a blockage of some sort caused by a foreign object or a build-up of grease. The sewer line could have become damaged as a result of soil settling or the ground becoming frozen. Older pipes may be constructed of substandard materials that have suffered from corrosion. The seals between sections of the pipe could have become damaged causing leakage into the surrounding soil which can obviously become a health hazard. In any of these situations you need our Wichita sewer line service.

Tree Roots: A Common Problem for Sewers

One of the most common causes of damage is the invasion of tree roots. Tree roots are on a constant search for water. (Did you know that an acre of beech will lift seven tons of water on a hot summer’s day?). Your sewer line is a handy source of water for tree roots and they will find their way into the pipe in any way they can.

Some indications of blocked or damaged sewer lines are a nasty odor in the yard or basement, the bath or basin being slow to empty, strange noises coming from the toilet, or – worse – sewage backing up in the toilet or bath.

Our Wichita Sewer Line Service

The very best way to avoid sewer line problems is to join our Wichita sewer cleaning service where we will come out and inspect your sewer line on a regular basis so that you can take action if a problem is likely to occur. We use a miniature CCTV camera which means that our technician can see exactly what is happening in the sewer and can recommend the correct course of action in the event of a potential problem.

In the case of blockages caused by tree roots we have a machine that can cut them out using a variety of different cutting heads and have everything up and running as normal again. We can also re-line your sewer with trenchless sewer replacement which will effectively give you a new sewer, and it can be done without digging up your yard and creating a mess.

We do strongly recommend our regular maintenance service. In the same way as you have your car serviced regularly you can have our Wichita sewer cleaning service: it is a far better option than waiting for something to go wrong.

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