Top-Rated Plumbing Services In Wichita (and Derby, Too)

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Ben Franklin Plumbing Services is the top-rated plumber in Wichita, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll leave you out in the cold just because you live in Derby. OK, you may think of yourselves as being “out in the sticks” a bit, but we won’t hold that against you! When you need a Derby, Kansas, plumber you deserve the best, so call us and we’ll come.

If It’s Water, It’s Us: If it’s Near Wichita, It’s Us

Whatever the problem you have, if it has anything to do with water, then that’s what we do. Even if it appears to be a small problem, it is only going to get worse if you leave it. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes anything that has water in it. For example, a leaking faucet is going to continue to leak, and will get worse. Not might get worse – will get worse. At the moment, it may simply be a case of replacing a washer, but if it’s another problem that is causing that drip, it may come to a point where you can’t turn the faucet off. Yes, that can happen. You need a Derby, Kansas, plumber to resolve the problem fast.

Water Heater Problems

Top-rated Plumber in Derby, KansasWater heating being naughty? There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with water heaters, but we don’t pay any attention to them until it comes to the point where it’s the middle of winter and the heating won’t come on. The last thing you want is to be showering or bathing freezing, so if you have the slightest suspicion that there is a problem, call us in before it gets to that stage. We’re the #1 plumber in Wichita, but we’re also the #1 plumber in Derby.

Is the shower not as hot as it should be? There could be a number of reasons for this, but you might need a new thermostat, or it is possible you could need a new water heater. Water heaters do eventually wear out, and there comes a time when the only thing to do is to replace them with a new one.

Drain Cleaning Services for Derby, Kansas

Maybe everything is fine, but you’ve noticed that the water in the sink or shower isn’t draining away as fast as usual. Something is blocking the drain, and it needs clearing before the problem gets worse.

Unfortunately, with all of these things, the problem is not going to go away by itself, so you need a Derby, Kansas, plumber sooner rather than later. That’s us. We’re the top-rated plumber in Derby that’s based in Wichita. Don’t leave things until they get worse: remember the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine”. The same thing is true of any sort of a plumbing problem.

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