Who’s Responsible for Sewer Line Problems in Wichita? Oops, Probably You Are

Many people in Wichita get a nasty shock when they have a problem with their sewer line, because there is a widespread belief that the city is responsible for all sewer problems. The city is certainly responsible for the main sewer, but only the main sewer. Wichita KS sewer line repair companies.The part of your sewer that connects to the main sewer is your problem! If you stop to think about it, that is fair enough: after all it is your property and it is on your land. That means that when there is a problem with it you will need to call one of the Wichita KS sewer line repair companies, and the best one to call would be us: Ben Franklin.

We can deal with all types of sewer problems. To begin with, we can run a CCTV camera down your sewer so that we can see what the problem is. We can even make a DVD of it so that you can see for yourself. That way, you can see what is causing the problem and can decide on the best way forward. All of our trucks have a powerful sewer line machine that can run up to 100′ of cable and to which we can attach a variety of cutter heads which will remove tree roots.

A Major Cause Of Sewer Line Problems

Tree roots are a major cause of sewer line problems, and as one of the leading Wichita KS sewer line repair companies we find that this is a problem that we come across frequently. Tree roots are forever searching for water, and a lot of water passes through sewer lines. If the sewer line should become damaged in any way – possibly as a result of earth movement – the tree roots will find their way into the sewer through any cracks or gaps and begin to multiply in numbers. The first time you notice there is a problem is when the water from the toilet drains away very slowly, or eventually won’t flush at all.

We are one of the best Wichita KS sewer line repair companies and not only can we cut away any tree roots, but we can also send down a herbicidal root killer that will kill any remaining roots and prevent them from growing again.

In addition, we can install sewer line clean outs which the city code requires you to have. This is a simple pipe connection to your sewer which has a cap, and which can be used for access to clean out the sewer in the event of any problems.

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Who’s Responsible for Sewer Line Problems in Wichita? Oops, Probably You Are
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